Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What a blast!



This (Ka-Ching!) truly cracked me up. Yes, I added Emily Litella.

Obama hates this idea!

Mad Men You Know!
Gee Mom! It's UPSY DOODLE!

She meant Upsy Doodle
Okay, this invention is self explanatory because ALL OF YOU have experienced the problem of getting the last gooey stuff out of jars.  Not only that, some foods like natural peanut butter have oil that rises
to the top.  Right?  And no matter how much you stir it you end up eating all the oil before even half the  peanut butter is gone and the rest is dry as a 5 day old dog turd.  Am I right? 

Well this idea, like penicillin, is so simple that it's a wonder nobody has discovered it until now.  Am I right?  With a lid at both ends you can just oopsy doodle
©™ it for easy access, or maintain proper balance of oils and emollients, and save hundreds of dollars a year in the process!

  I'm hoping all of you will help me create a buzz at GMA (Grocery Mfrs of Amer) meetings by asking store managers why they don't have stuff in the Upsy-Doodle©™ Jars?   Thank you.