Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Foot Ball Lives


A football Life ...

I'm a Redskin fan first; NFL fan 12th, or so.  Ergo, people like Michael Strayhan, Bill Parcells, or any rat bastard Cowboy are no good.  After watching their life story in the NFL's "A Football Life" series however, I admire the hell out of them all, except Lyle Alzado. I featured the Steve Sabol episode becausewellwhile I knew who he was, I had no idea how much I'd have liked knowing him.  I liked Doug Flutie before, and like him more now.  Pat Summerall! Watch

You don't have to like football to appreciate this series, but you may have to be male.  That's my sense anyway.  You will feel good after watching them, and that's cathartic.


I watched a great episode of "Modern Marvels" last night..... the title was "Salt" suggest you check it out.

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