Monday, June 22, 2015


we watched the last two S1 'sodes of 24 Sat night. I actually blurted well kiss my rosy red rectum at the ending. Tonight we watched S2 episodes 1&2. I actually blurted well kiss my rosy red rectum during episode 2 (Where Jack interrogated the witness). HFS.

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Keep on Truckin'

            Techno Thrills

Samsung 'Safety Truck' Shows the Road Ahead so Cars Can Safely Pass
Trucks can be incredibly frustrating obstacles for drivers to pass if they are moving too slowly, yet they are essential to the world we live in - without them we wouldn't be able to buy anything from food to electronic items. Because of their size it can be hard to see around them to make an overtake, but Samsung may have come up with a solution.

By placing a camera in the front bumper of the truck and linking it to four monitors placed at the rear, drivers that are following can see when it is safe to pass. We hope that they find a way to optimise this cool idea to save real lives. For more information visit

However, we all know where the drivers will be aiming that camera, don't we? (Rollover and Wait)

Courts, Democrats, and Pile Driving

The Humanity              

Reading Tea Leaves on the 2015 Supreme Court Term

The political world will increasingly be watching the Supreme Court over the next two weeks, as the eleven cases left on the Court’s docket for its 2014 Term include a number of blockbusters. The Court, in the words of Justice Jackson, is not final because it is infallible; it is infallible because it is final. Nothing can stop the Court from doing whatever it wants. That said ....

Red-light camera company CEO confesses to bribing Ohio Democrats

"A former chief executive officer of the red-light camera company Redflex has pleaded guilty to bribing Columbus elected officials – including Council President Andrew Ginther – through the Ohio Democratic Party to install the cameras and keep them operating in the city."

Supreme Court Strikes Blow for Religious Freedom

The last several months have not been kind to our country’s long cherished religious freedom, but the Supreme Court just unanimously handed down a victory for those of us who still value it. In their ruling for the case of Reed v. the Town of Gilbert, Arizona, the court ruled, essentially, that the government cannot pick which forms of speech it wants to protect more than others, and furthermore ....

Erick Erickson  is unaware that he channels me. I'm not about to tell him.