Thursday, June 25, 2015

John 'Freisler' Roberts - His Master's Voice

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Mahjong for the mind

You Look Mahvelous

Luminosity is the best cognitive gymnasium I've run across, but our subscription ran out, and since it was a gift (free) I'm loathe to now pay for it.  I do cross word puzzles, and do MS Spades, Hearts. etcbut they really offer no challenge.  Mahjong on the other hand is interesting. I soon learned to master every level of Microsoft Mahjong, and then started doing the daily challenge.  This is where you get three (mostly timed) puzzles.  The lighting tiles are my greatest personal  challenge, because I have to control the fear factor as the clock ticks down and I've yet to uncover the detonator, so to speak.  For those who also play this challengee, the June 13 Lightning Tiles (Easy) and Match Attack (Expert) are driving me crazy.  You? 

And there's this.

A few weeks ago I was suddenly  unable to complete any of them.  WTF?  It turns out that while I thought I was okay, I was in fact coming down from my poison ivy steroids and my body was all fkd-up. That's what happens.  Plus, I couldn't hit a ball over the short right foreld wall!  So Mahjong acts as  an early warning sign.  That's what I wanted to say.  I recommend  it.  You're welcome. Now where was I?  Oh, right.  One cup of suger and two cups of  cake flour.