Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Baby, it's cold outside - Pycrete

 "Our tests soon confirmed Mark and Hohenstein's results. Blocks of ice containing as little as four percent wood pulp were weight for weight as strong as concrete; in honor of the originator of the project, we called this reinforced ice "pykrete". When we fired a rifle bullet into an upright block of pure ice two feet square and one foot thick, the block shattered; in pykrete the bullet made a little crater and was embedded without doing any damage. My stock rose, but no one would tell me what pykrete was needed for, except that it was for Project Habakkuk." Wiki

Yet another amazing thing that I have heretofore never heard of.  First thing that pops in me brain is to build a huge Pycrete island somewhere in the arctic (people do live in the arctic, right?).  The advantage would be that this island would be an independent nation, ruled by me.  Which means there would by very few rules.  One would be that anyone trying to tax anything, or ban musical chairs, would be thrown off the island. Literally.

I will be making me some Pycrete, and will publish my experiments with it.  One will be to make a slab of it to keep in the freezer so that during power outages nothing thaws.    Stay tuned.

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