Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jury Duty and Illegal Aliens

                                           Mexican Invaders

Jury Duty Surprise

Listened to Pat McDonough on WCBM this morning and heard this bombshell.  He was talking about Trump's promise to cure our illegal alien cancer ("How do you so that Mr. Trump?"  "You start!"),  and how the Democrat Party is so dependent on the illegal vote (no news there).  

Democrats deny there are any significant number of illegals voting,  but it turns out that jury duty has brought the problem to light.  How?  Well, whenceforth the jury pool?  Why, the registered  voter rolls.  When more and more voters called for jury duty don't show up (as is the case in Maryland), an investigation showed it's the illegal voters who don't. Well, of course not; they're not stupid.  Ain't that a pussy!