Monday, August 24, 2015

All Natural Sex

Morning Wood



TRUMP: I would tax Chinese products
and I tax them very high ...
'Obama totally over his head'

More feathers in Trump's cap from Demonratsinthesewer.Com:

Trump praised Palin and her husband. Said she was prepared to handle the economy.

I hope his stock is worth pennies.

and he's right irregardless (English teacher)

Fuck Trump  (Philosophy Professor)

And he says Palin would do great running the economy (the first guy already said that noob)



Esquire Magazine's list of the 10 dumbest vice-presidents ever includes these  post 19th- century VPs:



Dan Quayle (...because he had a habit of saying really dumb things.. )
Spiro Agnew (... the public was largely willing to overlook his habit of using terms like "fat Jap" — but we do like them to turn down bribes ...)
Dick Cheney (He voted against the Head-Start program!)
What?  No Al Gore?  No Joe Biden, fer chrissake?  I mean, is it possible that anyone, ever, compiled a list of more outrageously stupid quotes than has Joe Biden?  Did I say ever?

Al Gore - About 401,000 (0.45 seconds)
Jo Biden- About 412,000 (0.44 seconds)
Dick Cheney-About 343,000 (0.46 seconds)
Dan Quayle (198,000 (1.01 seconds)

Hell, I double dog-dare you to produce more insanely stupid quotes by an Executive team, than have Obama/Biden so far racked up! 

Biden's sudden recovery, of course, is due to Hillary Clinton's woes (can you believe that she supposedly still beats the GOP front runner Donald Trump, despite being 2 inches away from a prison cell - for the 32nd time in her career?).  Stalwart Dem voters are left with Bernie Sanders or Martin O'Malley.  O'Malley is still my guess to get the nomination. Both are losers. But so is Biden-in spades!

Tangentially, in trying to reconcile how so many Dem voters can be so gullible, and/or flat stupid, I'm struck by this personal observation. 

Nobody I know, who has a life, spends much time (if any) on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.  They are,  all of them, politically  conservative.  Of those I know who are immersed in social networking, almost all have a pronounced liberal bent.  I dawdled myself with a Face Book (family) account for a few months, and straightaway I was blasted (and banned) by a family member for disagreeing with a leftist article
on his Timelinewhich caused considerable embarrassment. That cloistered mindset, where viewpoints that challenge  group doctrine are blocked,  is responsible for the sorry state we find ourselves in.

Liberals are often driven by a single self  serving  issue that trumps any E Pluribus Unumcy they may have once possessed.  Call  it a compound fracture of the body politic.