Tuesday, September 08, 2015

New York's Daffy Schmuck


So, how's that working for you Andy?

Some of the most recent violence in New York City hit close to home for the Empire State's governor. On Monday, one of Andrew Cuomo's lawyers, Carey Gabay, was in a crowd when probable gang members fired into the crowd, hitting Gabay in the head. According to the New York Daily News, Gabay is hospitalized, but he doesn't have any brain activity. It was from the hospital where Cuomo gave his knee-jerk reaction by calling for more gun control.

"We passed the toughest gun control law in the nation, called the SAFE Act, and I am proud of it," Cuomo said. "Anyone who doesn't believe we need to do something about gun control is delusional."

Al+ H2O=HFS!

The Humanity              

I still argue that there were cover-up conspiracies involving JFK's assassination, Oklahoma bombing, Flight 800, and I am proudly a Birther and AGW denier.  Because the preponderance of evidence demands it. While there are compelling aspects of the 9-11 *Truther argument , I could not buy into them.  Had Obama been president at the time, maybe (srsly).  But,  I would sooner believe that FDR engineered Pearl Harbor  than the Bush Admin was involved in this.   No (well, almost) way.  

The most compelling Truther claim is that timed explosive charges had been strategically placed to bring down the Twins.  That 200+  firemen, who were in the buildings, swore they heard a series of explosions just before each building collapsed was bothersome.   

So it was that when barraged with promos for Smithsonian's 'Missing Evidence' series, pushing "Jack the Ripper Found" and "Twin Towers" stories,  I finally watched the Ripper.  Not that I give a crap, but by god I think they did find the sumbitch! That episode was so thorough in its analysis that I decided, what the hell, let's see why the Truthers are right.  Yes, I fully expected that would be the claim, and it pissed me off that they may after have been right.  I was wrong.

Molten aluminum is 3 times more powerful than TNT when it comes into contact with water.

If you can watch the full episode, do. And yes, there are still dissenters, just as there are still people who think I'm the cause of hot weather.  FKM.

*Truther. Noun- One who rejects the accepted explanation of the events of 9/11. Truthers generally believe the U.S. government committed the ...