Friday, September 18, 2015

Modest. Wind.


 A Muslim teen, fourteen-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, bought a strange ticking device to his school, MacArthur High School. His device caused alarm and fear, and he was detained for having what his teacher perceived as a bomb. Police officers said the electronic components and wires inside his Vaultz pencil case (which is the size of a briefcase) looked like a “hoax bomb,” according to local news station WFAA. When questioned about what the device was, Mohamed wouldn’t answer. Now terror-tied Islamic groups like the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), their media lapdogs, and even Barack Obama are waging jihad against the school and the local police.

This whole thing smells like a setup. With ISIS in America, and young moderate Muslims fleeing to Syria to join the terror group, the response of MacArthur High School officials was rational and reasonable. At my website,, I run news stories on a weekly basis of American Muslim teens who have been arrested for trying to join ISIS. Just this week, a Muslim teen from Philadelphia was arrested for an alleged plot to assassinate the Pope during his visit to the United States.

Every day we are warned of new terror threats, increased threat levels. But trying to protect school children is “Islamophobic.” And President Obama agrees, of course. Yes, he has weighed in; Barack Obama himself got into the act, tweeting to Ahmed: “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

When I first heard about this story, I wrote at my website that it smelled fishy. Now, as more details have emerged, it positively stinks. The plot has considerably thickened. In what has become one of the most egregious of the faked hate narratives, the bomb hoax clockster turns out to come from a family that has a history of supremacist stunts.

The New York Daily News reported this Wednesday about Ahmed Mohamed’s father, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed: (Continued)
These, on the other hand, are deemed okay by Obamanites

  1. Boy, 7, suspended for shaping pastry into gun, dad says
  2. Dad Arrested, Strip-Searched After Daughter Draws a Gun ...
  3. Boy suspended for wearing cross, schools say they can ban ...
  4. 5-Year-Old Told Not to Pray at School...
  5. Boy points finger like gun, gets suspended
  6. Ad infinitum ....

Plan: Pay Muslims no to kill us.

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U.S. Federal Government Program: Pay Minnesota Muslims Not To Kill People….
Posted on  September 15, 2015 by sundance

Those who support the program are welcoming of new resources to their community, particularly if they will keep any brewing problem contained.
If you thought Secretary Kerry’s 2013 “Jobs for Jihadists” program was goofy, wait until you read about this one.

The U.S. federal government is announcing a new program called CVE (Counter Violent Extremism) in Minneapolis Minnesota.  Under the U.S. program, authorized by President Obama, Somali Muslims living in Minnesota will be paid not to go on terror rampages. or blow themselves up.

…”Led by a taskforce of 15 Somali Americans and a traditional community grant-making organization, the Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) program is the brainchild of the chief federal prosecutor for Minnesota, Andrew Luger. […]  The goal is to prevent youth recruitment by overseas extremist groups such as Isis or al-Shabaab”….  Full (cuzzin ricky)

This is all beyond the pale, starting with this intro to my Googled request for WWII JAP POSTERS

America's Disgusting & Idiotic Propaganda Posters of World ...

We are at war with Islam.  By WE, I mean the entire effing world.  Propaganda is a necessity during such  crises; a message designed to persuade and inspire citizenry  to join the effort to defeat the enemy.  What is  Disgusting & Idiotic in Minnesota is the misguided (at best) attempt to pay protection money to filthy Somali gangsters bent on killing us and destroying our country.  WTF!