Saturday, October 03, 2015

The Seahorse Mithology

WHO DA MAN?     
Gary Larsen
I have the rather amazing ability to immerse myself in a given discipline and, in pretty short order, gain PhD equivalence.  Sometimes I don't require anything but common sense to kick the underpinnings from so called "scientific" facts.  Like yesterday. 

I was watching a Nat Geo channel show about sea life when the subject turned to the seahorse.  Straight away the (female) "expert" asserted that, alone among fish, the male of the species carries and gives birth to baby seahorses! Now, this is not the first time I've heard that, but after honing my senses during the recent serge of phony bullshit that's swamped the culture, it lit me up this time.  The viewer is told that the male seahorse is identified by the "brood pouch" on his belly.  The female seahorse has no brood pouch.  So let's walk this through. 
  • The male seahorse makes a pinging noise to attract a mate. 
  • They "do it", and the male is left with a belly full of fertilized eggs. 
  • The female is last seen flitting about without a care.
  • The male gives birth .
  Right. I am not making this up. 

Now, take 4 or 5 seconds and ask yourself, hey, what's the difference between a male and female of any species?  That's right.  The female gets her eggs fertilized by the male and later gives birth.  Sometimes the male will stick around and help to build a nest, and even babysit after the birth; others keep "bar-hopping." But, the thing that gets knocked up, to be crude, is the thing that's the female.  Period.  Right?  Of course.
So what we have here is possibly the first known attempt by "feminist" scholars to advance the notion of their superiority. And, so far male fishologists, either through timidity, or lacking any critical thinking ability,  haven't questioned it.  Now it's  accepted "science." Well, I'm not taking it anymore! Dammit.  And neither should you.