Sunday, October 04, 2015

More Climate Science Scandel

            Global Warming Fade-Out


The plan by climate alarmists to have other scientists imprisoned for their ‘global warming’ skepticism is backfiring horribly, and the chief alarmist is now facing a House investigation into what has been called “the largest science scandal in US history.”
Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX),  Chairman of the House Committee on Space, Science and Technology, has written to Professor Jagadish Shukla of George Mason University, in Virginia, requesting that he release all relevant documents pertaining to his activities as head of a non-profit organization called the Institute of Global Environment And Society.
Smith has two main areas of concern.

For many readers, though, perhaps the biggest take-home message of this extraordinary story is: Who do these climate alarmists think they are?
First, the apparent engagement by the institute in “partisan political activity” – which, as a non-profit, it is forbidden by law from doing.

Second, what precisely has the IGES institute done with the $63 million in taxpayer grants which it has received since 2001 and which appears to have resulted in remarkably little published research?

For example, as Watts Up With That? notes, a $4.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation to one of the institute’s offshoots appears to have resulted in just one published paper.

But the amount which has gone into the pockets of Shukla and his cronies runs into the many hundreds of thousands of dollars. In 2013 and 2014, for example, Shukla and his wife enjoyed a combined income in excess of $800,000 a year.
Steve McIntyre, the investigator who shattered Michael Mann’s global-warming ‘Hockey Stick’ claim, has done a detailed breakdown of the sums involved. He calls it Shukla’s Gold.

In 2001, the earliest year thus far publicly available, in 2001, in addition to his university salary (not yet available, but presumably about $125,000), Shukla and his wife received a further $214,496  in compensation from IGES (Shukla -$128,796; Anne Shukla – $85,700).  Their combined compensation from IGES doubled over the next two years to approximately $400,000 (additional to Shukla’s university salary of say $130,000), for combined compensation of about $530,000 by 2004.
This is Climate Nazi's Planned Parenthood moment. Common sense dictates that both movements become pariahs and disappear under the shame.  That this will not happen is testament to how utterly contemptuous ... ACH! No wonder the barbarians are at the gate.

What's racist?

I was watching an old  Bill Burr comedy set last night, and this rang my bell.  He was talking about how everything seems to be racist anymore, and cited this restaurant conversation he overheard.

Woman, to her companions: "I know this will sound racist, but there really are a lot of Asians here."
Burr: Racist?  That's not racist, it's a fkn observation!
Blacks have this thing figured out.   It's the order in which the defaming phrase is used. For instance, a Black will say. "So this Asian mother-fucker walked in ..."  Nobody would call that racist.  But whites will say, "So this fuckin' Asian walked in..," and there's a problem.