Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Bruce Willis Punked


Ammon Bundy


Ammon Bundy talked with Megyn Kelly Monday about why he is in an armed standoff with the feds.

"The federal government does not have authority to come down into the states and to control its land," Bundy said.

When Kelly asked Bundy why he doesn't go through the courts, Bundy said, "The plaintiff is the federal government, yet the prosecutor is also the federal government...there is no proper redress."

He finished, "I'm not here to die. I'm here to defend my freedom and my liberties. Will I? Yes. But it's not going to come to that."

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ca 1990A Maryland man was charged by the EPA for filling in a section of lowland on his property that swamped-up after heavy rain, rendering it useless for farming.  He did, however, dig a ditch on another section of his land that compensated; or so he thought.   After endless court appearances the man was fined a horrendous amount of money and sent to prison.  It was one of those stories where everyone said WTF?; emphasized with the man; felt he'd been wronged; but did nothing to help. 

I still feel guilty that I didn't do a damn thing to outwardly support him, but, you know
I had four kids, a tight budget, and  a sailing hobby that claimed all my free time.  I'd like to think, however, that had some organized citizen militia joined the farmer in his showdown with the gummint, that I would have showed up.  Today I would, because it's near-by. I'm radicalized, and have nothing really to lose.  So I can sit here urging Ammon Bundy on, but do nothing else because it's too far away. 

Awhile back I told my wife that if Texas seceded I'd go there, guns in hand, and fight with them.  She said, "no you wouldn't."

I'm in crisis.

Black Mold

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest
Post-Christmas “flash mob” race riots in five cities.

Last year, black teenagers organized pre-planned riots at numerous large malls the day after Christmas. This year, the riots were repeated, but in new locations.

The rioting is pre-planned and advertised on twitter and black social media websites. Young blacks then show up at the mall in huge numbers and procede to beat the crap out of each other, commit vandalism, and steal of shops.

Nationwide the media is CENSORING who rioted. Political correctness has been deemed far more important than public safety. Even “conservative” FOX News censored the race of the perps.

This year huge post-Christmas rioting took place in: [Ahem]

When Cuzzin Ricky sent me this story right after Christmas I, not wanting to harsh my seasonal love for all humanity, filed it.  But it's stuck in my craw. WWRD?