Thursday, January 07, 2016


This is how I told my husband, David, that he will be a Daddy! Video filmed October 8, 2015... I was a few weeks pregnant, and found out earlier that day.

Donald who?

The Humanity              

Poof!  He's GONE

I've not been quite the model citizen this reelection cycle.  Which is a good thing.  Because, by my calculus, this nation have (yes, have) collectively jumped the shark, screwed the pooch, glitched the swing.  So, without too much reasoning I've chosen Donald Trump as the best person to take the helm because he's the obverse of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (Clinton Can't Distinguish Democrat From Socialist). And, he's never spent a day in congress.  Much of America agrees with me for various reasons (I like that he's promised to throw illegals, especially ISIS , down a volcano).  Over the years it has been true that the GOP candidate who best represents their core is stabbed in the cloakroom by GOP muck-mucks, which is why I cite this FiveThirtyEight Endorsement study.  It solves the Trump problem by simply eliminating him from the equation; poof-he's gone.  Beauty.