Friday, March 04, 2016

Sanders People ZIP CODES

a major award                                                 

A secretly-conservative Ithaca reader forwarded this to me. (Legal Insurrection)
She used to be a raging liberal until she started reading Legal Insurrection. From what I hear, the Ithaca Common Council is about to ban Liberal Conversion Therapy, so I don’t know how many more people I can rescue.
She sent it because misery loves company.

Put up 'cher dukes!

and ilk

Do they have TV sets at CNN? An Internet connection? I don't work at a television network, but I saw Trump "disavow" David Duke a half-dozen times before Jake Tapper asked him to disavow Duke again last Sunday.

The question served absolutely no journalistic purpose. No new information was sought. It was just a smear, for the sole purpose of getting the words "KKK" into the same sentence as "Donald Trump."

Unsuspecting viewers who missed Trump's earlier disavowals are supposed to think, Is Trump connected with the Klan? Why else would they be asking him about David Duke?

How many times can you say Liberal Media Complex? How many times can you say "Maw, grab me the shotgun, thar be a fox in the hen house?