Friday, March 25, 2016

Rorschach dude

Who's this Rorschach dude and why is he so good at drawing pictures of my mom beating me?

Godless Commun ... erm, Hollywood

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To Catholics, the week before Easter is Holy Week, a time to prepare for the most special feast day of the year: celebrating the resurrection of Christ. To Hollywood, it is a time to flog the Catholic Church with vicious portrayals of corruption and hypocrisy.

Hollywood insists that its products reflect a market demand. But there is no market demand for this. It is Hollywood, and only Hollywood, that wishes to vocalize its bigotry toward Catholics.

The cops discover that the auxiliary bishop of New York is a crime boss running a large sex trafficking ring that grooms -- here we go -- vulnerable Catholic schoolgirls for prostitution. ("Law and Order: SVU.")
This year, there are entire shows that mock God and Catholics on a weekly basis. On Tuesday, ABC's announcer actually told viewers, "It's Easter Week. Celebrate with Tuesday's new hit comedy, next," referencing "The Real O'Neal's."

The show mocks an imperfect Catholic family coming to grips with their gay son named Jimmy. In this week's episode, Jimmy borrows his uptight mother's computer and looks up gay pornography sites. The computer freezes and he's stuck with a "pornado" of graphic images. In other words, they're your average Catholic family -- as viewed by Hollywood.

On Monday night, two shows went to town on the Catholic priesthood and the Vatican. In the new Fox show called "Lucifer," Satan himself is the main character. He's bored with his life in hell, so he decides to move to Los Angeles and becomes involved in helping the Los Angeles Police Department solve murders. In one episode, Lucifer sneakily climbs into the priest's side of a church confessional and listens to a rich married woman confess her lustful thoughts toward her limousine driver. Lucifer tells her to embrace her lust and then come back to be forgiven.

Also in this episode, a priest he calls "Padre Pederast," who was suspected of killing a youth drug counselor, is found innocent. But Lucifer finds another way to offend the faithful: He brings the priest to a nightclub with exotic dancers. Not just exotic dancers, but exotic dancers dressed as nuns. It's what priests do -- as viewed by Hollywood.

NBC wins the prize for the nastiest anti-Catholic show. Their end-of-the-world comedy "You, Me, and the Apocalypse" centers around Earth's citizens learning that an eight-mile wide meteor is headed toward Earth. One character named Father Jude (played by Rob Lowe) has broken his vows of celibacy to marry a nun, and is losing faith in his superiors.  [Full]

"When Jews left Judaism, they didn't stop being religious. They simply swapped God-based Judaism for godless secular humanism and leftism. For left-wing Jews, Judaism is their ethnicity; leftism is their religion."  Dennis Prager


RGIII Tears ACL Walking Into Browns Facility For First Time


Sigh. Dick Cheney too?


Apparently, what we have learned from Hitler is not: Don't kill Jews. To the contrary, the only people who openly proclaim their desire to kill Jews are ... Muslims.

What we've learned from Hitler is not: Don't attempt to seize hegemonic control over entire continents. The only people vowing to conquer the world are ... Muslims.

And what we've learned from Hitler is not: Beware violent uprisings of angry young men. The only hordes of violent, angry young men are, again ... Muslims. (And Trump protesters.)

Trump's reference to London's no-go zones was met with a massive round of sneering, which is what passes for argument in America these days. Jeb! said Trump was "unhinged," Sen. John McCain called him "foolish," and former vice president Dick Cheney said
Trump's remarks went "against everything we stand for and believe in." (Based on Trump's crushing primary victories, Cheney is no longer qualified to say what "we" believe in.) 

To prove Trump wrong, reporters called British authorities and asked them: Are you doing your jobs? They responded, Why, yes we are! The head of London's police said, "Mr. Trump could not be more wrong," and London mayor Boris Johnson called Trump's comments "utter nonsense." 

Within days, however, scores of rank-and-file London policemen begged to differ with their spokesmen, leading to the following headlines: