Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wall of Shame

time out

Dumb and scared


Okay, this is juvenile and silly.  But it's cathartic. And I would not pull the trigger.  I mean, they're just a bunch of ignorant kids playing the roll of useful idiot.  Just like the 60's drug numbed, lice infected anti-war hippies, and look how they turned out.  Whoa.  On second thought ... (I need an alibi and a plane ticket - Cosmo Topper)

Hark! A Loony Squaw's .... Sleeves?

I am not making this up

Déjà vu all over again

"They are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements but they're rattled by him — and for good reason, because a lot of the proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude," Carter added.
He suggested Reagans's controversial proposals were more about "getting  headlines" than "actually thinking through" what's needed to keep America safe or the "world on an even keel."
As the race continues, a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll showed 61 percent of American voters said they were unsure about Reagan's lack of military or government experience .. CUT!
Okay, who's been screwng with my teleprompter?  Where's my original STORY DAMMIT!