Saturday, May 28, 2016

Donald Trump Promise

This is not only newsworthy, it could prove explosive. It could provide the necessary authority to break the logjam and allow the complete truth about Operation Fast and Furious “gunwalking” to come to light. It’s not unfair to speculate that could put the fear of God into some of those who have tried their best to keep the truth buried, and would up the stakes for involved Democrats to keep Trump from getting elected. It would also be tremendously beneficial to his campaign, and to rallying Americans sick of the cover-up and demanding of justice. But only if that pledge is publicly acknowledged.

Opening up State and DOJ to see what secrets remain intentionally hidden (like why Eric Holder testified in May 2011 that he’d only heard about Fast and Furious a few week earlier when Obama said he knew about things in March, and why emails to Holder’s aide show he was informed of the Terry murder the night it happened — not to mention Sharyl Attkisson’s initial CBS News report was in February!) is an action only a strong and independent executive can order. Interested Americans have long grown weary of the stonewalling and obfuscation, the obstruction and the contempt, none of which ever seems to produce results beyond noise. [Full Ammo-Land]
All facts point to Fast and Furious being a contrivance by the Obama-Holder Justice Department to run a firearms trafficking operation that would, when linked to crimes, bolster government attempts to stop U.S.  gun sales  across the board.  It backfired.  In my wildest dreams I see this, and every thing else—from phony birth certificates to ad hoc violations of immigration  lawand 100 other things unlawfully perped by this administration, on court dockets. And let me be perfectly clear, Donald Trump is the last best chance in your life time to see justice served.


Islamo Reality Check

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Trump rejects debate with Sanders: 

'I will wait to debate the first place finisher'

Red Sky at Night

Red sky at night, sailor's delight. 
Blue sky at night, day.


Police State USA

“so-called free speech” is “delusional.”


A sociology professor at DePaul University announced her resignation in a public Facebook post Friday morning in which she denounced the idea that universities should be “neutral platforms for ‘equal’ exchanges of ideas” and said that “so-called free speech” is “delusional.”

Dr. Shu-Ju Cheng, who goes by the first name Ada, posted a copy of an email she apparently sent to university president Rev. Holtschneider to a Facebook page affiliated with the DePaul University sociology department.

“To believe that universities are simply neutral platforms for ‘equal’ exchanges of ideas, the so-called free speech rooted in the market ideology, is delusional,” she wrote. According to Cheng, “that positional objectivity ends up reinforcing the exact inequalities and dominant ideologies upon which this institution is built.”

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How emblematic of the liberal hierarchy who rule our education system.  By resigning, however,  Dr. Shu-Ju Cheng drops a rung in the True Believer pecking order, from Fomenter to Useful Idiot.