Monday, May 30, 2016

Easy Way

It is much easier to apologize than to ask permission.

Bill Murray, an extraordinary man

"Progressives" will elect Trump



Tim Dunkin [Renew America] makes the point that, even today, many "Republicans," let alone the Millenials rabble, still don't understand.  "The take home message is that they are showing us all exactly why they should not b here to begin with."

Progressives and others on the radical Left are not very intelligent people. This is something we should be very thankful for, because were they actually competent, they would have completely overwhelmed the spineless, feckless Republican Party and established total control decades ago. As it stands, because progressives in the United States have so little foresight and self-control, they end up damaging their own cause through their own foolish behavior and inability to moderate themselves for the sake of more broadly appealing to the masses.
In the interest of "rectifying the names," let's call the illegal immigration "problem" what it really is – an invasion. It's an invasion by hostile foreigners who intrude themselves illegally into our nation, spit on our sovereignty, cause crime, mayhem, and economic dislocation, and then expect to be tolerated and even applauded.

This was shown most recently in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where a crowd of left-wing hooligans – including a large contingent of Mexican flag-waving illegal immigrants – attempted to shut down a Trump rally in the city. They failed, of course, as people on the Left nearly always do, but not before they demonstrated to the rest of the country why we desperately need President Trump to clamp down on people like them. In the course of the riot (not "protest"), they burned American flags, fired pellet guns at people, threw rocks and bottles, attacked a man in a wheelchair, destroyed police vehicles, and even critically injured a police horse. To date, the Left has not condemned, or even apologized for, the violence committed by these thugs. By all appearances, the Left seems to approve of the attempt to use violence to stifle free political expression and to coerce its opponents into silence.

Most Americans revolt against the idea that our politics will be, or even could be, dominated by whoever can cause the most mayhem in the streets. This is why these sorts of riots only serve to generate sympathy, and then support, for Donald Trump. The more Americans see what the opposition really has to offer, the more they reject it. This is especially the case when the bulk of the mayhem is being committed by illegal aliens – people who, by definition, are not even supposedly to be here and who are, again by definition, already systematically violating our nation's laws and sovereignty anywise.

So what to make of a bunch of hostile, law-breaking foreigners who are now attempting to use violence and coercion to intimidate voters and to sway the election in their direction?

The take home message is that they are showing us all exactly why they should not be here to begin with. [Full Argument]