Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pelosi sezzzzzzzzz

House Democrats Stage Chamber Floor Sit-In For Gun Vote 

Here Poppy ...

So, how does my g-daughter see me? 
A wizened old man? 
Mr. Fix-it? 
Best Bacon maker?
Where did that come from?

Is that a musket?

Trump Invisible Gun Meme


Loretta Lynch;Worse than Holder

BLACK RACISTS                            

Loretta Lynch: White guilt forever;
Muslim guilt never

[....] Catherine Engelbrecht's take on Loretta Lynch's virulent anti-white words and interpretation of law is spot-on.  Loretta Lynch will not name ISIS for the same reason she did not name or prosecute any of the criminals from the riots in Ferguson or Baltimore.  She redacted the word "Islamic" – and any intimation of it – from the murderer's own words for the same reason black-on-black crime will always be caused by lax gun laws.  It's so simple: white guilt forever; black guilt, Mexican guilt, Moslem guilt never.  [FULL]