Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hands Across America?

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The Redditor who discovered this find — “bananawhom” — explains what he thinks this means:
Here’s how I think it works.
Someone doesn’t give a max donation one year, say 2012. The difference between what they gave and the maximum is recorded as “debt.” So this guy “owes” them $2,500.
He gives 33,400 but they take out $2,500 to apply to the “debt” and retroactively add it to a year he didn’t max out. This frees him up for another 2,500 in the current year.
Depending on how corrupt they are, they could be free to collect all the “debt” from multiple previous years. This could be tens of millions of dollars they have effectively raised their total maximum fund raising by for this election.
Someone who is in “debt” for not donating for the past 3 years could get in 4 times the maximum donation for this year, the very important election year.
Wasserman’s spread sheet with the two different $ columns covers 2013, 14, 15. We can assume many Democrats maxed out for the 2012 election, but they would have “debt” from the less important years they may not have given as much that could be taken advantage of now.

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