Friday, August 05, 2016

The 'Vous


Who Knows Where This Is?

The 'Rendezvous (Vous) opened in College Park in 1962 (closed 12/22/96).  It quickly became the new favorite frat-sorority hangout, replacing the Varsity Grill which had "modernized" it's old high ceiling, "aircraft hanger with/ giant wood burning fireplace" motif,  with  paneled walls, etc., and losing it's soul in the process. 

Anyway. I remember that you had to walk down a few stairs at the 'Vous to reach the toilets, which were always overflowing; imparting the stench of urine to mingle with spilled beer.  It was raucous, fun, and full of memories and drunk co-eds. Much closer than the Town Hall, too.  After leaving the 'Vous,  one might stumble down the street to the Little Tavern and give hell to "Cyclops," the cockeyed cook while he fried up a bag of "death-balls."

ASIDE: Kenny Ambrusko scored a 101-yard, game-winning touchdown against Navy in 1964.    That TD saw MD linebacker Jerry Fishman run in front of Navy's team, giving them the finger.  "After playing a contractually obligated 1965 game, Navy and Maryland did not play again until 2005."

Ambrusko later was a bartender (maybe mgr) at the 'Vous.  He said that what was behind Fishman's anger was after sacking Navy QB Roger Staubach, Staubach called him a "fucking Jew."