Monday, October 24, 2016


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Going Along

Experimenter Official Trailer

We watched the film Experimenter (Netflix).  It's based on the true story of famed social psychologist Stanley Milgram, who in 1961 conducted a series of radical behavior experiments at Yale University that tested the willingness of ordinary humans to obey an authority figure while administering electric shocks to strangers. In the first half of the film, it is shown how the experiments are conducted, with nearly every test subject succumbing to the pressure of the circumstances and administering shocks to a stranger, despite the stranger begging him to stop. Between the experiments, it is shown how Milgram meets Alexandra (or Sasha), who will become his wife and mother of two children.

The second half of the film shows how Milgram struggles with the public outcry (by pasty face Liberals of the day who, not willing to confront their own frailties, blame Milgram for tricking them Wiki (My words in italics).

Aside: During the film, a clip from Allen Funt's Candid Camera television show is used to buttress Milgram's findings.  Some will remember this and think immediately of Hillary voters.

ASIDE2: I told MoSup that Experimenter
very much reminded me of a movie about a man who signs a contract with a company that guarantee his success in giving up cigarettes. He is told there will be consequences for backsliding, and whoa! There are. Wife never heard of it, so I found it for her.  Warning, you will be compelled to watch it all, but not by me. :)

From 1985, "CAT'S EYE"

Because market analysts have dialed in the numbers ...

Media News

We had lunch with our banker last week, and the inevitable
(I ask yearly) question was; "So, when does it all crash?"  He answered with the aplomb one expects from the guy who invests your meager savings, that, well, there will be turbulence after the election, but that will settle down.  If the Republicans lose control of congress things will probably get shaky, but will eventually move smartly forward.  Why?  Because market analysts have dialed in the numbers, every which way; strategies are  in place. So it doesn't matter?

Me, if Trump wins? 

I detected the slightest fear in his eyes. "It's a whole new ballgame."  Trump's espoused getting rid of NAFTA; getting rid of Dodd-Frank; raising tariffs, etc.  Changing things. This will be new territory, and the market hates the unknown, he says.

Me. *Smacks Head*.  Of course.  This is all about not disturbing the market that players are familiar with,  and have invested in.  Status quo; damn the corrupted underbelly behind it. Pass the stale bread, please.

We ended our bread and water /Rosary fast yesterday, started primarily because I was so full of hatred that I could scarce function.  Dreaded facing another day where new lies and corruption would be revealed only to be covered over by a corrupt media.  We will begin a new election Novena (9 days) beginning October 30.  This one is for Catholics, but  other denominations  have their own program of prayer to keep the Godless  Hillary forces from prevailing. 
Let's face it; our government has already been successfully overthrown.  Wikileaks and common sense prove as much. I urge you to consider using prayer, because this election is a last chance to restore our nation, founded 250 years ago, to  what it was.

BTW, I did lose 8 pounds with this last bread and water fast.
So, there's that.