Wednesday, January 11, 2017

If she's talking, she's lying

Today's Pelosi Gaff Lie

Nancy Pelosi:
Obamacare Was ‘Bipartisan’ Legislation

CNS: But it passed without a single Republican vote.

Pelosi: Well … 60 Democrats then and then the two bills passed and then the Senate bill was a little bit different from the House bill, so some of those changes were not, shall we say, structural; it was just some changes in the legislation that did go under reconciliation. But by and large the whole process was done with the 60 votes – hundreds of hearings, bipartisan, over and over again.

Help me.  What's that word?

Now, Get the hell out ..

“We have shown the capacity to change.”

As we did on Nov. 8. And now, Jan. 20 will mark the end of an error.

Ten minutes in, he finally got around to blaming Bush. In a rush, Obama mentioned how he “shut down Iran’s nuclear capacity without firing a shot.” Yeah, right.