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Obama's folk are still active

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Someone is trying to take down the Drudge Report ... - Free Republic
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The Drudge Report, the highly trafficked conservative news website, has been knocked offline for extended periods of time over the course of ...


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The prevailing political discourse seems to be consumed with the bromides of social justice, carefully tended by political and intellectual classes claiming special knowledge of its demands.

Friedrich Hayek, perhaps the greatest intellectual of the past century, was famously critical of the concept. “Justice is an attribute of individual action,” Hayek said. “I can be just or unjust towards my fellow man. But the conception of a social justice … is not only a meaningless conception, it’s completely impossible.” Hayek argued everyone talks about social justice without knowing what it means, and he reasoned the idea of social justice puts the cart before the horse by arbitrarily demanding certain end results when justice is actually about means. (1)
(1) Problem: To current  SJ movmentarians, its a toss-up between Bruce Springsteen and Obama for " greatest intellectual of the past century."
Consider 20th century communists, whom we might regard as the quintessential social justice warriors. Their blood-soaked revolutions were supposed to finally free the workers of the world from the waking nightmare of drudgery and poverty. Instead, they instituted programs that exacerbated the problems of poverty and want, undoing the progress ushered in by the classical liberalism of Mises and Hayek.
Pounding sand here boss.  CHE t-shirts are chic appeal for your target audience.  And, they are okay with "a little spilt blood"  (of the the right people, like cops, are the victims.)
Cronyism and communism rely on the same fundamentally destructive principle: coercive intervention in the otherwise peaceful world of commerce, the state’s choosing of winners and losers.
"the state’s choosing of winners and losers" is a core philosophy of today's Liberals.
Free markets, private property, and individual rights did this, not socialism, communism, nor vague notions of social justice. These simple principles are the most significant anti-poverty program yet discovered, the only one that has truly spread the wealth.
Better stop here.  The Millenniums have dozed off.  And, where's the Dismantle ‘Social Justice’ part?

Dismantle ‘Social Justice’ sent my heart aflutter.  Alas, pepper spray remains the best option.