Friday, January 27, 2017


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[ ....]But her speech was also littered with politically correct terms, as well as left and centre-left talking points regarding international institutions, Islam, and radical Islamic terrorism, the latter of which she called “Islamist extremism”.

The British premier compared “open, liberal and democratic” societies in the West versus “closed, coercive” ones. She hailed the United Nations, praised the World Bank, and called NATO “the cornerstone” of Western defence.

And Mrs. May also spoke of the necessity for multilateralism in stark contrast with the line pushed by the White House — which prefers bilateralism — over recent days. She cited the need to tackle “climate change” as one of the reasons to back globalist institutions.

She called for the two nations to be “internationalist” and “global”, though noted “Some of these organisations are in need of reform and renewal”.

And while committing to the destruction of the Islamic State, she failed to mention the name of the group, choosing instead the term “Daesh” — a word preferred by politically correct types and most notably popularised by former Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Obama.
She went on to describe “radical Islamists”, stopping short of echoing the phrases used by the new U.S. administration including “radical Islamic terrorism”. (CNTINU)



Report: Ghettoised UK Muslims Believe Britain 75 Per Cent Islamic

Britain’s Muslim Problem
A new survey shows an alarming failure to assimilate in the U.K.

Muslims 'have the RIGHT to use Sharia law in Britain', says Islamic activist


A harbinger of what to expect in the United States?

The good news is ...
Trump ignores UK critics and claims country has 'a massive Muslim problem'

Gas Prices?

Uhhh - Has Anybody Noticed the Price Of Gas Lately?
Ron in Ohio has

I mean, usually after an election the price goes up but since President Trump (I still can't get over how great that sounds) announced the end of deregulation on the energy  industry, the resumption of fossil fuel exploration, mining and 'fracking' and the OK for the Keystone Pipeline. Have ya' noticed what has happened to gas prices? I have here in Ohio. This is from the "Gas Price Heat map" on which shows the average gas prices in the USA at the time:

Furthermore; Here's what else it said for we Ohioans and for the rest of the country;

Ohio Avg: $ 2.053 - Prices Falling
Current National Average: $2.285
Current Crude Price: $53.730 per barrel

My Local Lowest Regular Gas Prices in the Last 24 hours in Mount Vernon, Ohio:
1.99 @ B-P  814 Coshocton Ave & Verndale Dr
1.99 @ Kroger 853 Coshocton Ave & Shalimar Dr
1.99 @ Shell 670 N Sandusky St & Belmont Ave
1.99 @ Shell 600 W High St & S Lewis
1.99 @ Certified 509 W High St & Lewis St
1.99 @ United Dairy Farmers 10 N Sandusky St & W Chestnut St
1.99 @ Sunoco 105 Newark Rd & Main St
1.99 @ Speedway 1 Columbus Rd & Newark Rd
1.99 @ Shell 700 Harcourt Rd & Kentucky Ave

If I may paraphrase; Hey Lib-O's! What's in (Or Not in) your wallet?

I last filled-up over a week ago @ $2.15.9 and thought I'd better do it (historically) before the new administration is in power. OK, I showed no faith what-so-ever. I'd like to hear what it is now and what it was a week ago where you live.

Oh, in case you're wondering, here's the gas price trend in all 50 states - The prices below are for regular gasoline as of 1/26/2017 @ 11:47 PM local time:

For what it's worth.  Ron in Ohio

Well done Ron in Ohio

Campi Radicals

Destroying the facade of "tolerance" one campus at a time.

Last year Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos launched his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” on campuses across the United States. As it turned out, the tour did prove dangerous for Yiannopoulos and all supporters of free speech.

At Rutgers, where Yiannopoulos titled his lecture “How the Progressive Left Is Destroying American Education,” protesters smeared themselves with fake blood. “What they’ve demonstrated,” Yiannopoulos said, “is that they are incapable of being exposed to new ideas.”

At DePaul University, Black Lives Matter literally took over the event. Enraged activists harassed Yiannopoulos on stage and chanting “black lives matter,” “dump that Trump” and “build a wall.” 

South Florida Gay News reported that “Florida Atlantic University is too dangerous for a ‘dangerous faggot.’” Student organizers “threatened to bring firearms to the talk or blow up the venue. Threats were also made to FAU students.” So Yiannopoulos was unable to deliver his speech about “How Feminism Hurts Women.”

Protesters issued similar threats at many colleges and the violence mounted a surge when Yiannopoulos brought his tour to California campuses. Those have long served as a sanctuary for political correctness, with official approval.

University of California President Janet Napolitano, a Democrat, is former Arizona Governor and Obama’s Department of Homeland Security boss. Napolitano considers statements such as “America is the land of opportunity” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” to be unacceptable “microagressions.” In that climate, UC students don’t want to hear different points of view from allegedly “controversial” speakers.

... on, and on ...

I really don't know how to treat this cancer (without getting preposterously hyperbolic). I have a friend—very conservative, devoutly Christian family, and very very close to one another—whose daughter started college this past September.  She voted for Hillary.  They were stunned. I was stunned. It took just a few months  ....