Friday, March 17, 2017

The Coming S**T Storm

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???!!!??? In a nutshell, after Trump was elected leftists demanded recounts in states they felt entitled to win, and lost.  Like Ohio.  Right off the bat, Ohio's court mandated recount, led by Secretary of State Jon Husted,  discovered that hundreds of non-US citizens are registered to vote in, and many (one is too many) of them did vote illegally. In one sampling alone, 385 non-US citizens are registered to vote, and 82 of them cast illegal ballots!  At this point the court suspended further recount (dare we think before the full magnitude of the problem was revealed?).

Secretary of State  Husted then properly embarked on a cleansing of Ohio voter rolls.  Duh.  I mean, to not do so would constitute failure of a fiduciary obligation.

So, leftist Philip Randolph Institute, and the ACLU, filed to stop any effort to rid Ohio's voter roll of its dead (who, when they vote, vote Democrat) and illegal aliens who are, for the most part, allowed to be here by the Democrat Party for that very service. Their argment is it violates Voting Law guidelines. Common sense alone  tells us that any Votor Law that  suffers  criminal action is itself a useless document.

Anyway, it is then accurate to charge the Democrat Party, and obliging GOP vassals, with the attempted overthrow of constitutional law.  I call that treason.  And that, boys and girls, explains almost everything.  We are become a lawless nation.   There can be but one conclusion.

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