Friday, August 18, 2017

Good Riddance


UNLESS *******    We Won't Play    

Being rid of California has an upside, and a downside. It's not the ideal solution we all hoped for.  That would have been earth quakes sending the Red Menace (see map) into the ocean.  Here's a very quick analysis, which will at least start a dialog.

Our Upside:
Losing California's 55 electoral votes would emasculate the Democrat Party. Period. And, we no longer have to subsidize, nor adhere to, the idiotic controls on everything they burden us with.  And, without Uncle's $$ to bail them out, the new country of California will become the new Cuba, lickety-split.
A national prayer answered?  Mostly, but not totally. Of course Cally could never be allowed to take with it any territory south of Los Angeles.  The United States cannot afford to lose, nor let these idiots control, our naval and military bases. We will need to intercept the hostile nations who would flock to this new country. And there's this.  We have foolishly allowed California to become our nation's " fruit and vegetable basket."   We would likely have to trade with them, at least until states can take up the slack. Our immigration laws would scrupulously consider previous party affiliation, birth place, and wanted posters.

That's enough for now. 


Jess said...

I have some solutions in mind, but they're generally not accepted by a polite society, and are messy.

Anonymous said...

that movement’s leader, Louis J. Marinelli, had become a distraction because of his ties to Russia.
Ties to Russia? Isn't that everybody in coastal Kali, at least philosophically, except the Latinos?
I doubt Calexit's proponents, much like the Kali legislature, know nothing about economics, probably can't even spell it, so willingly charge ahead to economic ruin.
The nice thing about that is that we won't have to bail them out, like you all know we will if they remain in the USA.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

I so hope this happens. It will put a chink in the Federal Monsters armor it can't fix. Funny though isn't it, when Texas talks about secession we are reminded of the civil war and that issue is solved. Zany New Englanders say things like "are we going to have to send our army down there again?" But when it's the CaliCommies it's a whole nuther jar of pickles. Just for fun, Google Thomas Jefferson on secession and see what the creator of this deal said about it. -Anymouse

Glad ya back Rog

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I think that if you removed all the dead and non existent voters, nuked Hollywood and Frisco,, you'd have a near majority of good people, who none the less are guilty of not using all means available to clean up the mess. It's still not to late to rebel, but I don't think they have the grit anymore.

Tom said...
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Tom said...

Consider a situation similar to Virginia in 1863. Once California has seceded, might the red counties of California secede from the state, form a new state, and be re-admitted to the Union such as West Virginia did?

Rodger the Real King of France said...


Anonymous said...

Plus, the "good" parts have all the drinkable water....

Sir H the Comet

MAX Redline said...

Few things would make me happier. I'd love to see everything from SF to LA become its own country. It'd be fun to watch. SF to LA= no food; that's all grown in the red counties. Import tax!

toadold said...

A few carefully placed fuel/air bombs would solve a lot of problems IMAO.

Skip said...

Unless you are one of us rednecks in the 50% that didn't vote for this shit, and are stuck here.
Unless you got a spare $10k to help us move to 'Merica.. we are fucked, but will fight to the end. So we got that going for us.

Alien said...

Look at the map - the problem is not "California" but that area west of the 5. Actually, "west of the 5" works all the way from a little south of Bakersfield to Canuckistan. A bit north of LA the 5 gets too close to the coast to be useful as a divider all the way to Mexico, but borders frequently follow odd lines, so a jump inland around, say, Oceanside, might work. In fact, (rustling sound of map unfolding) running the border due east from south of Anaheim might work best.

That gives the Coastal Elites what they want, keeps the veggies, beef and fruit in the U.S., the navy keeps San Diego with no hassles, the entire Mexican-U.S. border remains Mex-US, and heading north, the civilized parts of Oregon and Washington remain in the US, and can even still be Oregon and Washington, while Canada-to-almost-Mexico west of the 5 becomes the Lefties' Unified Promised Land. If the Hollywooders really, really need easy access to Tijuana, we can designate an easement on our side and build a road inside it.

True, almost all of aerospace and defense wizardry is west of the 5 (as are almost of the car enthusiasts), but temporary tax incentives should facilitate the necessary relocations.

The big advantage, as I see it, is the 5 already exists; most of the westbound exits can be closed and border stations built on the few that remain as access points. Keep the 5 on the US side, it's useful north-south infrastructure that we paid for.

Can we begin the transition tomorrow?

Pro tip: whatever secession documents get created and agreed to, they should include a one-time opportunity for Coastal Cali to buy its way back into the union, the (very high) future price to be determined at that time.

Murphy(AZ) said...

Here's how I see it: 1)Cali leaves the union. 2)Mexico jumps at the chance to "right past wrongs" and sends an invasion force to "recapture" lost glory. 3)Since there would be no treaties between U.S. and Cali, American forces would be required to withdraw or at least stand-down from a "foreign" conflict. 4)Mexico's invasion would be aided by hundreds of thousands of "fifth-columnists" currently known as Illegals. 5)When the smoke clears, U.S. dusts off old mutual defense treaties with Mexico, so we keep the bases we currently enjoy, and with a re-negotiated NAFTA, we continue to enjoy the fruits (no pun intended) of Cali's agricultural areas, manufacturing base and resort areas.

Downside: New Cali would be allowed membership in the U.N., but who's going to notice one more p*ss-ant country whining about how bad the U.S. is?

Bruce Garrick said...

Our fruits vegetables and melons come largely from China

Anonymous said...

^Our fruits vegetables and melons come largely from China
We had a bunch of those in the Buraq Regime.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Proggie management will [is, now] reduce the Central Valley ag production to waterless "wild land."
The market is adjusting slowly -- as Progress is being made.

Aside: Kurt Schlichter has a coupla speculative fiction books about this...
pretty good.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

OMG Clair... did I send you into the briny? YIkes

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