Thursday, May 18, 2006

Vietnam war assholes are now Anti Terrorist assholes

The ''Script''
''During the Bulge two of us were told to take 100 captured Germans back to a holding depot several mile away. We were given Tommy guns. The officer told us we should be back in an hour, wink-wink. The obvious implication was that we should march them out to a field and shoot them. I couldn't do it, and neither could the other guy. We marched them back to headquarters company.'' - My Dad.
My dad's vignette was related after we watched a Wally Cronkite ''Twenteth Century'' installment on the Battle of the Bulge one Sunday. ''Had we lost the war, Patton would have been hanged by the Germans as a war criminal,'' he said. Dad did not like Patton, under whom he had served. One lesson I took away from this was, it's real important to win. Another was, ''War is Hell.''

Save for a few scenes from films like ''Saving Private Ryan,'' or ''Band of Brothers,'' there has been scant media acknowledgement of human rage manifesting itself in battle during the Good War (the fight to save Stalin).

The reason the 1968 My Lai Massacre became the story it did, in 1972, was the media drum beat had become '' America bad; Viet Cong good.'' To the New York Times, which broke the story, it validated their vision of what America had become.

After President Bush declared war on terrorists, and anyone who aided them following 9/11, it took about 12 seconds for that script to reappear, as faithfully reproduced as any Hollywood remake of an earlier success. The latest scene is being directed by Murky Jack Murtha. Cut to NBC NEWS.

"There are disturbing new allegations tonight from the Congressman and decorated Marine veteran who stunned the Bush administration about six months ago with his call for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.''

You can read the details here - NBC Promotes as 'New' Murtha's Stale Charge About Marines Killing Iraqi Civilians

Pretty crappy huh? Here's another lesson I've learned. It helps to follow up a bad movie experience with a happy one. I call this ''My meeting with Murtha, Williams, and Miklaszewski.''

''We're trying to get Rodger to take his Prozac before he posts stuff. He won't listen to us at all. Say a Hail Mary for him.''


Linda Sue O'Grady said...

Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition!

LargeBill said...


Confederate Yankee has a good run down on Murtha's dishonorable actions.
All good Americans need to call their representative and demand that Murtha be censured.

Josh Fahrni-Barn Army Dog Catcher said...

"There are disturbing new allegations tonight from the Congressman and decorated Marine veteran who stunned the Bush administration about six months ago with his call for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq.

Wtf? That always cracked me up. I'd never heard of Jack...I mean John Murtha until he was opposed to the war. He supported it and then he didn't? WOW! Nevermind that he's a commie democrat to begin with. Who else has supported the war and then changed direction on this?

About every living Democrat (and Robert Byrd) in the Senate! Crap! Even Neil Young supported the war at first, and he was already writing songs and cutting records to oppose it, as we were just getting ready.

By the way Rodge, have you ever read this old NY times article?

October 5th, 2002.

Saddam Hussein (D-Iraq) has announced that he will no longer support an attack on Iraq. The former dictator, who once touted that the US/Iraq war would be the ‘Mother of All Battles’ has said that, faced with real chances of an American invasion, the IS can 'not afford to lose hundreds of thousands of it's troops to my WMDs...I mean our guns.'

The statements have rocked capital hill, leaving Senate Majority leader Tom Daschle stunned. 'Suddam Hussein is a brave soul for, for coming out and saying this. I think all of the media coverage, calling him a monster, or unpatriotic, is just absurd.'

The Whitehouse declined to comment in detail on the sudden opposition from Hussein, only noting 'The President respects the despots opinion, although we believe those feelings to be wrong.' Michael Moore, Republican advisor and close friend to the Whitehouse claimed that this is directly at fault of the Bush Administrations inability to 'jump up and scream in that Florida classroom.' A vein grew on Moores forehead, and his skin turned a dark red color as he added. 'Those are over three minutes of time to sell the war, we'll never get back.'

Josh Fahrni-Barn Army Dog Catcher said...

Crap, I went on with that, and didn't copy and paste the grammar checked one...*Tears for stupidity*

Anonymous said...

When a man hath no freedom to fight for at home,
Let him combat for that of his neighbor.
Let him dream of the glories of Greece and of Rome,
And get knocked on the head for his labor.

To do good for mankind is the chivalrous plan,
and as always is nobly requited.
So battle for freedom wherever you can.
And if not shot, or hanged,
You'll be knighted. ~Byron

Casca sends

Anonymous said...

Yeah if the Germans had won the war Patton would have been tried as a war criminal BUT, you would have never read of the Malmedy massacre in a German publication even after the war.

Jake said...

Excellent, Roger.

Anonymous said...

mighty fine post Mr. S

thank you

Firehand said...

My great-uncle was in 3rd Army Infantry from somewhere in France through to the end, from what I've been told. Hated Patton's guts. Thought he was a good battlefield general, but for his attitude toward the troops and lack of care for casualties, hated him.

Did say he was real good at getting supplies for his troops, though.

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