Friday, July 21, 2006

Cow story

There's a moral here, but what?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I'll sleep with you-- but only after a bath.

Rodger Schlong said...


AnnoyedOne said...

Just a guess, but was the bottom pic taken in Oregon? ;-)

Jon Spencer said...

If you sleep with cows, you get up with cheese?

Anonymous said...

Ya fuck with the Bull
Ya get the horn

Oh Rod, your so it again

Robert in England

Dr.Hardcrab said...


You can lead a bull to water, but you can't make him fellate you...."



Rodger Schlong said...

A close second to Theresa

Anonymous said...

The guy in the top pic is running on water, so is that The Second Coming? Or maybe he just doesn't want to come in second? Can't say I blame him.
Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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