Saturday, July 22, 2006

Robert Kuttner and visual pheromones

That icky feeling you sense?
First, today's science.  We are now aware of the power of pheromones, the special underground smells we emit that are sensed by receptors in members of the opposite sex noses, and make them wild to do you on the spot. They're why you fell in love with the plain looking girl who sat next to you in English, and couldn't figure out why (because pheromone knowledge hadn't been invented back then). But, did you know there are visual pheromones too, and that I discovered them? It's true. Take Robert Kuttner, shown above. Most normal people will look at him and have an unexplainable urge to slap him. Why? Visual pheromones. They let us make somewhat reliable judgments about people we meet, but know nothing about. Like in this case the warning sent to your brain is "Asshole Asshole Asshole.Leftwing Asshole."  Of course if you're an asshole yourself it will not be so much a warning that's sent as an invitation to blurt out stuff like ''I wish I could kill Bush.'' Is that all clear? I'm going to patent it. Oh, about Kuttner.

Globe's Kuttner: Bush 'Lying Heir to the Lunatic Fringe'


Anonymous said...

Never heard of him.

Rodger Schlong said...

But you had an urge to slap him, didn't you?

Randy Rager said...

Oh fuck yes. Like a red headed stepchild.

Anonymous said...

You're amazing Rog. I read the POS's column today on Real Clear and was floored. He is the editor of something like The American Paper? I could not find a way, either through that rag or the Boston Globe, which published that column, to drop the MoFo a note.

And now to see his ugly mug. FUCK yes, my bitch slapping reflex was automatic, like the Nazi in Dr. Strangelove who couldn't help but zeigheiling.

What a dirtbag and what is really funny is to than read VDH's column which is posted right below Kuttners. Night and day. These asshats with life threatening levels of BDS are something else.

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