Sunday, July 23, 2006

Something Funny

These will amuse you during the coming week.
Something Funny 1
Something Funny 2
Something Funny 3
Something Funny 4
Something Funny 5


Josh Fahrni said...

I feel slightly heart broken that you have to leave General...I've been working a lot...A LOT...Something I'm not used to :D. Workin' for the Capitalist pigdogs and what not...You'll be sorely missed, and remember to come up for air boss, swimming aint easy if you forget that.

LeftyGomez said...

Hey folks, when the cats away, the mice will play.

Dr.Hardcrab said...


Ain't that some shit???!!!

Cinday Sheehan bought some property in Crawford. I bet she got the money from someplace else....

Read this:


Josh Fahrni said...

This is breaking my heart old man. 6 am, and you haven't posted a single thing...this is usually where I spend the last few minutes of my awake time...Killin' me Rodge :D

Enjoy the swimmin.

LindaSoG said...

I'm going through withdrawal pains.
This is the longest week of my life!

Anonymous said...

This is almost as bad as not having cable tv and then PBS has a wheedle-a-thon. (This is a month with a letter in it, so its Pledge Month!) "We're trying to get viewers to give us money, so we're replacing whatever little vaguely interesting programming that we have with excruciatingly boring lecturers! The same ones over and over. Just watch the cash roll in!" Thank the gods that I have cable so I don't have to watch PBS at all.
Sorry. I didn't mean this to turn into a rant about pledge drives. See what your absence is doing to me, Rodger?

Rodger Schlong said...

I don't need pledge drives , the money just ... hey. WTF ...

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