Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Call to Action: Google-Bombing the Election
Speaking of Comrades ...

The campaign will proceed as follows:
  • Step One: With help form readers at Dailykos and MyDD, I will compile a list of seventy article, one for each targeted race. Every article will focus on a different Republican candidate, and will be written by as generally trusted a news source as possible. It will also present as unflattering a view on the Republican candidate as possible. All of these articles will be placed into a database that I will maintain with the help of willing volunteers.

  • Step Two: Once the database is complete, BlogPac will purchase Google Adwords that will place each negative article on the most common searches for each Republican candidate. Simultaneously, I will produce an article on MyDD that embeds that negative article into a hyperlink that names the Republican candidate. I will then send a copy of that post out to as many bloggers as possible, who can also place the post on their blogs. One posting of this article will be enough.

  • Step Three: All further discussion of the Republican candidates in question on all participating blogs should include an embedded hyperlink that will increase the Google search rank of the article on the given candidate.
The result of this should be that the most damning, non-partisan article written on every key Republican candidate for house and Senate will appear both high on every Google search for that candidate, and automatically as an advertisement on every search for that candidate. BlogPac will cover the costs. The netroots will supply the research.
Call to Action: Google-Bombing the Election


Just Another Old Geezer said...

They may have Google but we have Karl Rove and Diebold. Just ask the Kos Kidz and other nutroots folks.

Anonymous said...

If there ever lived a vile CS it is this bungholoe.He is with out doubt evil encouraging his crappers to engage in unethical tricks and crappers do not need much urging. One day molitus the virus will get his.

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