Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kerry "Troops are stupid" gaffe

Senator John Kerry has cancelled all appearances today - including a campaign stop in Philadelphia with Pennsylvania U.s. Senate candidate Bob Casey.


B....... said...

Foot in mouth disease.

Anonymous said...

Heh. Neither Casey nor any other Dem candidate wants a big stinking turd near them on the podium.

Big mistake.

The candidate being the only one there, the audience will know for sure who the stinking turd is, but then, the Dem audiences who turn out for these things seem to like it that way. 'Course some turds stink more than others, and Kerry is a big greasy dog turd.
Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

I love how the truth came home to roost. Kerry's self-infatuation with his "VietNam senate hearings hero" was simply resurected yesterday. His "botched joke" was actually a time warp comment on the draft. DUH?? I guess he hasn't heard....ALL Volunteer Forces. I'll save my drunken sailor cursing for something more worthy than this pathetic skull. Juice

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen Nancy Pelosi?

Anonymous said...

Damn. He cancelled all appearances, huh? Maybe the system works. Free speech is a bitch when it aint free!

Anonymous said...

Kerry was referring to Bush, but it sounded like he was referring to the soldiers.
"...for every ten jokes, --- thou hast got a hundred enemies." Laurence Sterne, "Tristram Shandy", Vol. I, chap. 12.

Anonymous said...

Ya know. The 'diarrhea of the mouth champ' ran off at the mouth again,but I think the fact is that all of his fellow Dems fell pretty much the same way.They think the men & women in the armed forces,not alone the ones in Irag,but all of them, are losers.They feel that people in the military have chosen lesser careers and are fighting George Bush's war.Understanding what words like volunteer,patriotism,love of country,sense of duty,hatred of tyrants,and right & wrong is outside the scope of the Liberals comprehension.John Kerry and others of his ilk have already shown their dislike (hatred) of our military and their determination to slam it anytime they have an opportunity.Yes, I think the Dems all feel the same way,it's just Kerry who got caught with his ass hanging out....Couldn't happen to a more deserving prick than him.Maybe he'll just GO away now......Nah!

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