Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Peter Lance three parts

One Nice Package
Patrick Fitzgerald is just one of the criminally negligent bureaucrats who allowed 9-11 to happen. 

Triple Cross, Part One
Triple Cross, Part Two
This is very compelling ... try 10 minutes. Forget the video quality, this is all audio ''baby.''
The Q&A session is HERE



fascinating video.

* his inspiration?
bunch of liberal democrats?

couldn't watch after he said that...

nope. no way.

but, today it is complete...

if you are a Conservative - Republican you can be criminalized, convicted by biased Democrat partisans in the press, the msm, who also sit as judge and jury.

while pathetic Democrats run around offering endless amounts of deceit, lies, slander, corruption, etc...


Rodger Schlong said...

Lighten up, I figured they only cleaned his pipes. The guy is obviously a liberal at heart, and that was his pass into Upper East Side dinner parties.

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