Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Washington State

Calling All Bulldozers

Washington, more despicable than New York
From the wonderful state that's home to the largest concentration of America hating commie left-wing pukes, serial killers, and Christian bashers comes this.  And I quote:

I can't believe this. I really, really can't believe this:

Crosses will be removed from badges worn by Spokane Police chaplains under terms of an out-of-court settlement between the city and a former Lutheran pastor-turned-atheist who sued over the government agency’s use of the insignias and Christian prayers.
So a MAN OF GOD is not allowed to wear the SYMBOL OF HIS FAITH on his uniform? Don't let this asshole get a hold of the military Chaplain's Corps!

His lawsuit claimed that the police department’s use of the Christian cross is an “impermissible incorporation of a particular religious symbol in a government insignia.”
I am so in awe of the huge, massive amount of stupidity it took to create that sentence that I'm just sitting here rather stunned. (continued)


Anonymous said...

Now you know one of the major reasons that as soon as I can retire we are moving to Montana. Just let us know before you do your flyover with the Seattle Express.


Anonymous said...

I like this phrase I've seen here a few times Rog-nuclear enema-Washington is truly batshit crazy, I can't believe I almost moved there to live. Must be the mold.

Now I did live in NW Montana for a year. Loved it. Great people, beautiful, I almost stayed, I was going to live in a town called Big Fork on Flathead Lake. Close to Glacier National Park, which is simply unbelievable and Big Sky, tremendous boarding

cmblake6 said...

How can they be like this? Do they not realise that the ONLY reason they can be so batsh*t is because of the very nation they deride? Oh, what I would like to say probably wouldn't make it past the censors.

Anonymous said...

I was born in Wa. and spent my first 14 years in Wa. schools.....I use to be proud of it....now I try to hide those facts.

Henceforth, anonymous

Braided Hemp said...

"The establishment of the chaplainship to Congress is a palpable violation of equal rights, as well as of Constitutional principles."

Regarding clerical presence in the military: "The object of this establishment is seducing; the motive to it is laudable. But is it not safer to adhere to a right principle, and trust to its consequences, than confide in the reasoning however specious in favor of a wrong one? Look thro' the armies and navies of the world, and say whether in the appointment of ministers of religion, the spiritual interest of the flocks or the the temporal interest of the Shepherd be most in view?" - James Madison - author of the First Amendment and Article IV

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