Saturday, July 12, 2008

Leftist Americans, aren't

    We hate some persons because we do not know them;
and we will not know them because we hate them.”

        Charles Caleb Colton

Politically speaking, few of these ignorant low-lifes can spell cat,
which is why they hate everything good, including their country.

Stay classy, Democrats:

• Daily Kos: "When a bad guy dies, we should rejoice, not sing his praises of wish him anything by scorn"
• Huffington Post: "Comments are closed for this entry"
• Pish Posh: "Another one bites the dust"
• Yak Milk: "Tony Snow Was A Hatchet Man For Fox News’ Fascism"

Doug Ross, "Tony Snow Rest-in Peace" -


Anonymous said...

I see pish posh has only one comment. I would have added one but it seemed succinct.

Juice said...

You are correct Tim, I checked it out. That comment is enough. Although a long list of "dittos" might be nice also.

AnnoyedOne said...

I was gonna mention that the leftards would be rejoicing but it seemed redundant.

Anonymous said...

How'd ya get the photo of my MIL?!?!


Anonymous said...

I KNEW the Left would do this, juxtapose their reaction to Tony Snow's passing, to the Right's reaction to Tim Russert's.
The LEFT is populated w/low class churlish scum.

Juice said...

As an added note, you should warn PRS not to stop by for this post. ;-}

Anonymous said...

Up their hole with a cereal bowl.

Anonymous said...

Its late and the beer is near gone. PRS Juice?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Colton is wrong. Don't try to tell me that somehow getting to know some idiotarian moonbat better will magically transform the way I feel about them. I hate people because I know them. I know people I choose not to get to know any better for I know that if I did, I wouldn't be able to even occupy the same room with them anymore. That would be difficult as I'm related to some of them, so it's best that halt the process at this point. I know enough to know that knowing more wouldn't change anything for the better and would likely make things worse.

In some cases, unfamiliarity is the best way to maintain social harmony.

Annoyed White Male

Anonymous said...

The comment on Pish Posh has disappeared. Guess it was too nice for the shit's blog.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus, that is one horrible picture. Damned near as horrible as the comments from the Classy Left.

Mattexian said...

I went to PishPosh to see that "one" comment, apparently they got a lot more and they deleted them all, with a snide post about how the conservatives "aren't as moral as they like to think they are since they're using such language, and by using such language they really aren't coming off as classy or really that intelligent." I guess it's easier to claim you were called nasty names after you've erased all evidence of it.

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