Friday, August 29, 2008

Biden's Trap

Fast Forward to ...

I'm not sure the vice president debates have any impact whatever, but to the extent they do I can see a real trap here for Beau (where the hell did that come from?) Biden.  He is the very definition of a smarmy, condescending elitist, with little self control.  Look for him to treat Palin like she was a K-Mart checkout clerk, and cause a groundswell of resentment among women, protective grandfatherly men, and others who simply  fantasize about boinking her. A win-win.


Anonymous said...

Should be no prob for Sarah 'Barracuda', a former point guard.
righty gomez

Anonymous said...

A Harley-ridin', moose-huntin', hockey-playin', butt-kickin' mom. Man, the only thing better would be if she were a war-hero brewery owner.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Her husband's a commercial fisherman and oil field worker! I LOVE her.

Anonymous said...

Egg-xactly. Let Biden talk Obama out of the presidency. Her husband, by the way, is a native Inuit. How PC is that?!

Anonymous said...

So, if you stay overnight at the Governor's mansion, he's obligated to share her?


OregonGuy said...

An obvious conflict of interest. Her husband is a union member and employed. FOR THE OIL INDUSTRY!!!

People like this just keep wanting to work at any old job, without thinking through the Social Responsibility of their choices.

And usually nobody notices. Not this time! She is a puppet of the oil industry! Her husband receives checks for his work in the oil industry! How much more evidence of corruption do you need?

And, she's hot! Hillary wasn't. Although she must have been into the strange to land and keep his Slick Williness. (Geraldine might have been hot...twenty years earlier, but who knows?) And hot is unfair!

She's honest and principled, hot and intelligent. And hot. And ethical.

It's not fair!

Juice said...

Casca~~ Oh, you bad boy.

OregonGuy~~ I don't get you. Satire, I think?

Anonymous said...

Hey, it was in Nanook of the North. That and putting the old woman on the ice flow.


OregonGuy said...

Channelling the pain of Oregon. We weren't trained for choices like this.

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