Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Boob

The Boob is Real
But that's all

What began life as a fake celebrity nude picture of Julia Louis Dreyfus, made a minor splash on the nets yesterday after a British tabloid offered it, and others, as Sarah Palin.  But this is how the media will handle her.  Some lefty will offer gossip, the media will print it, which in turn will give cover to the nut roots to expand on it.  See Rather-Gate. 


Anonymous said...

You're right Rodger. We just have to hope that the party and the blogosphere is on the ball enough to fight it. We took down Rather as I recall but it was a close call helped by their incredible ineptitude. We might not be so lucky this time.


Anonymous said...

WHy would boobs bother the left? They nominate them all the time. Hell, Lillian Carter had two boobs bigger than Dolly Parton.

Jon said...

Some of us are just googling for the swim suit competition pics because Sarah is hot ... not cause we want to discredit her.

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