Friday, November 21, 2008

In 753 Words

Why I'm Demoralized.

Okay, I have to get the election out of the way, so I'm just going to say it. I am demoralized.  Not so much by Obama's election, as by how he won.  Years of our kids being undermined by an education system run by 60's antiwar hippies, combined with the abdication by news media of all pretense of political neutrality, and sophisticated networks of election fraud were all brought to bear in this perfect storm of an election.  Election?  "Government overthrow" is a more proper mot juste.  The left media have imposed upon us their pornographic vision of a socialist government.  In 2004 Newsweek's Evan Thomas announced in advance that media wanted Kerry to win, and their efforts on his behalf would be worth 15%. Those efforts weren't nearly enough, so this time they got serious.  Forget the 604 million dollars Obama raised, 300 million of which actually came from identifiable sources.  How much were the non-stop, year-long news media infomercials Obama benefited from worth?  A billion?  Two?   With just a few infomercials a day, Ron Popiel convinced men to spray their bald spots with painted lint.  We're talking ShamWow times a 100 million, in Obama's case.  Give me one percent of the media impressions he received, and I'll get Margaret Cho elected Governor of Utah.

But, even with all that behind him, Obama's campaign resorted to fraud and deceit on historic levels. This election wasn't just the 1972 Olympic Basketball Championship, where game officials kept putting time on the clock until the USSR scored the winning basket (although that's going on in Minnesota, where Al Franken needed 500 points after the game supposedly ended, and is still at the free throw line making foul shots).  No, this election was the 1919 World Series, where the game was fixed in the locker room, by the players, before the first inning was played. It was under-aged  Chinese gymnast He Kexin fraudulently winning gold medals, and when the  Chinese government's own internet profile of  her as a 13-year old was proffered, the Chinese government erased it.  Poof!  The medals stood.  They stole the tactic from Obama.  Or is it the other way?

The real significance of Obama's birthplace controversy, which by the way the United States Supreme Court has agreed to review,  isn't so much about his citizenship status, as it is about the Rule of Law.  Law which has been flouted at every Obama turn. It's how a federal judge dismissed Philip Berg's COLB lawsuit, not on its merits, but because Berg didn't have standing to bring the suit.  It's how  the news media refused to entertain any questions about missing gaps in Obama's life.  It's about Ohio's Secretary of State throwing at least 200,000 fraudulent ACORN ballots into the pool of counted votes.  It's about the media refusal to acknowledge miles of video tape, and yards of documents showing Obama's close association with terrorists.  Terrorists who once contemplated  the murder of 25 million Americans who didn't respond to their reeducation camps.  It's about Obama promising  to "cut investment in  'unproven' missile defense systems.'"   His promise to "stall development of future combat systems."  His call for a new "civilian army," equal to our military in capability and funding.  Maybe he'll call it the Republican Guard.  It's about show trials, and indictments of Bush Administration officials by punk ass Marxists,  for political differences.  That's why I'm demoralized.

Any future similarities between the coming Obama regime, and the ideas of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson will be oversights.  Peter Hitchins nailed it when he wrote "The United States, having for the most part a deeply conservative people, had until now just about stood out against many of the mistakes which have ruined so much of the rest of the world."   Conversely, Rep. John Lewis happily told Charlie Gibson that Obama's election was "a nonviolent revolution."   And that's the problem  The overthrow of the United States should be a very violent affair, indeed. At least as violent as 1775–1783, 1812-1815, 1861-1865, 1917-1919, 1941-1945, 1950-1953, the WALL and the Desert years that created and protected this  greatest nation in history, combined. It will be still, if my interpretation of events withstand scrutiny, and are shared by enough people.  Some of whom fly F-22's.


Anonymous said...

Well said sir, but I am not depressed. I am confident that we will win out.


OregonGuy said...

The problem, dear Sir, is that certain things that have been proposed for our future have greatly enhanced likelyhood.

Unwilling to kill the goose that lays the Golden Egg, Democrats are willing to play sex games with the system, choking the neck of the goose to enhance their orgasms.

Will they step back from the brink? (Brink? What brink?)

Juice said...

It happened like this: voter stupids content to be spoon fed pseudo news, followed by intravenous deserts consisting of zero calorie non-information.

Rodger, can you find yourself some RFD TV?

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah, I'm depressed too, same reasons. Tough shit for me and tough shit for all of us. Seems like there's no shortage of advice every one is giving us, especially the libs who are telling us we must "move to the center" I call horsepoopy on that. I say Rog, it's time to double down. No one can out work me and I'm not going to go silently into the night.

Even as we speak, a secret cadre of like minded Republicans plan to take matters into our own hands here in District 7-our last showing was pitiful and I refuse to cede this district to the enemy.

I think Obama is a sharp guy. Time will tell of course but this reminds of the dog who finally did catch the car. Is he so far removed from reality that he will in fact raise tax rates? I don't think so, at least not for a while. Will he pull out of Iraq totally? Not a chance. How about his face to face with the Iranians? After Israel makes toast of a large swath of Iran? Hmmm probably not. But passing out some more goodies when Barney Frank has already said "Deficit? We don need no stinkin' spending restraints" I'd say that's for sure.

I think our biggest worry, THE tipping point, will be some sort of a government run health care system. And right now, these *ucks have the perfect storm to get the damn thing through Congress. Once they set up some huge governmental bureaucracy to redistribute even more goodies, that will be impossible to take down and then I'll stop being flip.

If we can just hold this off until 2010, maybe we can pull through, but like I say, Obama is a sharp guy and will move to make the dem base as large as possible as quickly as possible and National Health Care is quite the bill filler.

In the meantime, I am going to start printing some sort of flyer up, maybe weekly, with my thoughts and sticking it under car windshields ala Publius(if you'll forgive the effrontery of that comparison)

Juice said...

An ottoman, stiff drink and this...

Anonymous said...

Lengthy rant

Annoyed White Male

Anonymous said...

I empathize, trying to get over it.
THIS cheered me up:
If you look at it closely, Sarah is blinking out Morse code that says "Katie Couric, your next."

Anonymous said...

I'm most concerned about the patriot act, FISA, Real ID being subverted.

My take is to go underground and be pamphleting for the repeal of those acts, terrorists be damned, so his own legions chip away at the power base, unintentionally, as an extension of their bush hatred.

Laurence said...

Hey, I wanted it to go the other way; I even gave money to McLame.

But there are more important things in life. Throughout history, people have managed to lead happy productive lives despite living under oppressive regimes.

And I find drinking helps...

Anonymous said...

My biggest concern is the civilian army "the one" wants to fund with tax dollars and fill the ranks with folks who deserve the "jobs" because of reparations. Oh yea its coming the ranks will be filled with those that are unemployed. You saw the black panthers at the polling station in Philadelphia. In the next election there will be more sence there was no action taken by the authorities Why, fear of political correctness, fear of riots. Things are going to get worse the economy, race riots, the muslim problem. All I can say is hunker down

Wabano said...

National Heath Care the Demon-rats power base!!!

What are you smoking?

Canada has it and also a CONSERVATIVE
Government, so you need to breathe in a paper bag for a bit there.

These "Brown Shirts" are something else...

Anonymous said...

Senator Stevens Update US Federal Witness admits to lying on the stand

Rodger the Real King of France said...

As stated, it wasn't so much Obama's election that has me flummoxed, it's how he was shoved down out throats by an in-your-face media, and the cavalier way law enforcement ignored the illegal tactics his organized crime-like machine engaged in, even when they were documented. Our government is systemically corrupt. The media, no better than a Soviet style propaganda tool. See this → . dot? On the chance it's the button that will blow them all to hell, I push it 50 times a day.

Anonymous said...

Roger been pushing that dot all day.


Anonymous said...

Be of good cheer, Rodger. The first American revolution was fought by able bodied men between the ages of 16 and 60. I've still got 10 years to go, and I'm starting to wonder if my life's calling is to help put this great nation back on track. I'm ready, willing, and able. God bless America, land (and ideals) that I love.

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