Saturday, November 22, 2008

Parking Lot Justice

American Justice

CFO Fred Williamson has advised me that, as a result of the recent election, our company faces substantial increases in our tax, and other government fees and mandates burden. The current dismal state state of the economy will not allow us to raise prices by the necessary 8%, so we will have  to lay off six employees instead.

This has really  been eating at me, since we are like family here.  Choosing who among our 140 employees will be cut was very difficult.   So, this is  what I did. I strolled through our parking lot and found 6 Obama  bumper stickers on employees' cars, and have decided these folks will be the first to be laid off.  I can't think of a fairer way to approach this problem. These people  wanted change; I gave it  to them.  If you have a better idea, let me  know, ASAP.



AnnoyedOne said...

Sounds fair but around here he'd have difficulty find a car *without* an Obama 2008 sticker.

cmblake6 said...

Well, MINE has a NObama sticker. And a Palin/whassisface.

Anonymous said...

An affirmative action lay off. Makes pefect sence. So much fairer than last hired first fired.


Steve from Greensboro said...

If there was any justice in the world, the tax increases would fall exclusively on those who voted for Obama, so would the layoffs, so would the auto accidents in the little electric cars, etc.

I suppose at least we can hope that those leftists who voted for Obama also immediately bought U.S. equities, since the hopey-changey thing was going to make everything better. And then saw roughly 50% of their value disappear due to his election victory.


Anonymous said...

Harry from Boston

I have a F--K Obama sticker,do I get a raise ?????

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