Monday, January 12, 2009


Illegal Alien Breaks Into White House
Strangles Constitution

Nearly a week before his inauguration, President-elect Barack Obama likely has one less burden on his shoulders, as the United States Supreme Court denied certiorari today in the first lawsuit which called into question his constitutional eligibility to serve as president of the United States.

A motion filed by a third party seeking permission to file a amicus curiae--"friend of the court"--brief was granted, but with certiorari denied in Berg's case, it is unclear whether granting the amicus curiae motion is anything more than a formality, and whether the conference scheduled for Friday, January 16 in order to weigh an underlying injunction filed by Berg is necessary at this point. -- Jeff Schreiber continued.


Guy S said...

And so, as the sun sets slowly in the west ... we bid a fond farewell, to our Constitution, and the "rule of law" as we have known it. Tis gonna be a bumpy ride for the next four years (or when ever the shoot'en starts, which ever comes first).

cmblake6 said...

Quite possibly soon brothers and sisters, quite possibly soon.

Anonymous said...

Four Years? Oh stop it you're killing me. Like the 'publicans can find their ass with both hands in the next six. This here guy might remove term limits, who's going to stop him? John McCain? BaHaHaHa

Anonymous said...

"This here guy might remove term limits".... So be it.. then it would be up to "We the people" ,or As George Washinton is quoted above.. a lone operator to remind "This here guy" of what is written in our it gets done? Who cares, so long as it gets done...


Anonymous said...

Read a comment a few weeks ago--I can't remember where--that stated that in the election of 2016--assuming we have an election in 2016--the victor would be from a party not yet known nationally.

I concur--the sorry sack of numb nuts called the Republican party couldn't even stop the miserable Al Franken from stealing the Minnesota election. And four (eight?) years of Obama will very likely result in the destruction of the Demon Rats.

Old Squid.

Lergnom said...

Old Squid;
That'd be the True American Party, whose champion was Nehemiah Scudder.
In _Revolt in 2100_, Heinlein postulated the rise of a bush-league video preacher who ran for the presidency on a ‘New Crusade’ ticket. A fuller explanation was provided in his last book, _to sail beyond the sunset_
Begin excerpt:
Elections are won not by converting the opposition but by getting out your own vote, and Scudder’s organization did just that. According to histories I studied at Boondock, the election of 2012 turned out 63 percent of the registered voters (which in turn was less than half of those eligible to register); the True American Party (Nehemiah Scudder) polled 27 percent of the
popular vote…which won 81 percent of the Electoral College voted.
In 2016 there was no election.
(from “To Sail Beyond the Sunset” by Robert Heinlein)
End excerpt

cmblake6 said...

Heinlein was a genius, a prophet. I do love many of his writings.

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