Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ted Kennedy Stories

Real Tales of Ted
Do you have one?

  My path crossed Teddy's twice.... both in Washington D.C.   Shortly after getting out of the Army Club Business, I went to work for Schlitz, and our regional office was in Washington D.C. (Rosslyn to be more precise), and it was our practice to have group dining at locations where we wanted to get our "product" placed.  We went to an early dinner at the Palm (19th near M)... and it was the beginning of their dinner service  Teddie and a few cohorts were there, and it looked like they were already in the tank, (as if they had been there since lunch).  They were whooping it up and playing grab ass with the waitresses as they walked by, and making complete asses out of themselves.

The second time was at the Prime on K Street.  He was loudly holding court with 2 other people (I think) at the table... My party sat not far away, and we marveled at how the drinks just kept coming.  They were there before we arrived, and were still there when we left....getting louder and louder.

A real piece of work!


Anonymous said...

The Adventures Of Ted, And His Wish For The Djinn In The Bottle......Oh.... Wait a minute. That's his wish for the GIN in the bottle....Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I've crossed paths with tk on a couple of occasions as well. The first was in the original Clyde's on M Street in Georgetown in the 70s. I was sitting at the bar having a beer, and after he came in with his entourage, it was impossible to get a drink with the entire staff fawning over them.

The second was at an upscale seafood joint next door to Prime in the 90s. The only reason I knew he was there was the buzz that went through the place. At least that place didn't fall apart.

In disgust, I walked out on the check at Clyde's and didn't go back for over 25 years. Haven't been back to the seafood joint yet.

Thomas M.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Was it (seafood place) the Market Inn?

Anonymous said...

Legal Sea Foods at 20th and K.

Thomas M.

AnnoyedOne said...

Yup, Ted "The Swimmer" buys his Scotch by the pallet.

TheAxe said...

"When did Ted Kennedy become Jabba the Hutt?" ~Robin Williams

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