Friday, March 20, 2009

Danny Bickell in a Pickle

Who is Danny Bickell?

The Supreme Court law clerk evidently behind the manipulation of Obama citizenship cases vying to be heard by the court is one Danny Bickell.  While Obama cultists are busy defending Obama on the charge that he is not a US citizen - not with evidence, any of which would end this brouhaha, but with calumny - are now defending Bickell ( Dedicated to Danny Bickell...Please know that you have many fans )?  "Many fans," for doing what? Any mention of him on Wikipedia is immediately scrubbed, the Obama camp's answer to everything.   Why?

Remember that the nation's news magazine of record, Sixty-Minutes, managed to go nearly eight years before critically examining anything about Bill Clinton's term.  Only after he had been impeached did they do a CYA segment.  When they do one on Obama's citizenship case, it'll mean the poseur is already on his way to Elba.  Let's pray that's PDQ.


Anonymous said...

I read this with the taste of sour grapes on my tongue and with visions of Bill Kurtis on "American Justice" flashing before my bleary, weary eyes.

Anonymous said...

Reminds one of Hillary's theft of the William O. Douglas files from congress's {the publics} access prior to the Watergate mess. Only this asshole is a real lawyer, prolly Harvard, to be working for the supremes.


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