Thursday, May 28, 2009


WHY WE W ... crap

OMFG!  This was a for sure WHY WE WIN candidate -- except it was invented by a Frog.  How very disappointing.  But wait!  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


Anonymous said...

30 Minutes? 40 bucks. They had to invent a machine for THAT? Stupid Frogs.

Chuck Martel said...

I always take mine to the car wash. You know the ones with the hand-held wands?

Put Buster in his crate and hose him down. Works on cats too.

But you have to be careful about the eyes. Make sure you cover them with duct tape before you put the quarters in.

Kristopher said...


FORGER said...

$40 for a pissed off pooch??

I can do that for free. Just leave the water of food bowl empty for too long..

Anonymous said...

What happens the second time you try (TRY) to put the dog into the machine?

rockville said...

It's almost loud enough to drown out the whimpering.

Does it have a de-skunk setting? Do they have a Great Dane model? Anybody ever try it on a cat?

Anonymous said...

Above a certain sized dog,
you'll never be able to use it a second time.

Helly said...

Image violates the prohibition of photographing below-the-belt with a wide angle lens.

Was there something else of interest?

Anonymous said...



Chuck Martel said...

Yeah, that's kinda' what Buster does at the car wash.

They're animals. They don't know that it's good for them.

JohnO said...

I guess you can't wash a terrorist in that thing or you'd be accused of waterboarding.

BlogDog said...

From the look of that dog, if you said "Shake" he wouldn't extend a paw, he'd just start quivering.

AnnoyedOne said...

The Fwench designed the self-cleaning public toilets too.

David said...

I used to have a neighbor that had a beautiful German Shepherd. The dog was very calm and gentle except that it had a problem being washed. It really, really hated getting wet. None of the groomers in town would take the dog a second time.

Finally my neighbor figured it out. He screwed a metal anchor into his yard. Then while playing with the dog he would suddenly clip the chain that ran through the ring to the dogs collar. Then he could pull the dog down till it's neck was pinned to the ground. Then he would wash it with a hose and car scrubbing wand.

Then he would loosen the chain a bit until the dog dried off and calmed down.

Someone called animal control on him one time and when the officer tried to unclip the still wet dog, the dog almost took his hand off.

They left both my neighbor and the dog alone.

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