Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama's Zyklon B

Analysis of Campaign Contributions by Chrysler Dealerships who are Scheduled to Close
A Freeper, smith5460, decided to check the names of Chrysler dealerships being axed [not asked, axed] by Obama Motors, against campaign contributions, and you'll never ever guess in a million nanoseconds ... 
Here are a few examples of the campaign donations made by some of the dealers who will close their doors shortly. I'm not anywhere close to going through the entire list yet. The figures are only from the 2004, 2006, and 2008 Election cycles:

(1) Michael E. Maroone
Mr. Maroone has 6 dealerships in Fort Lauderdale, FL that will close. Since 2003, he has donated $12,700 to the RNC, $10,000 to the Florida Republican party, and $2,300 to Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign.

(2) Vernon Buchanan
Vernon Buchanan is a member of the U.S. House from Florida since 2007. One of his dealerships in Venice, FL will close. In the past 3 election cycles, Mr. Buchanan has given $50,000 to the RNC, $20,000 to the Florida Republican party, $4,000 to President Bush's campaign, and numerous amounts of money to other Republican candidates for Congress.

(3) Larry Crain
Mr. Crain's dealership in Little Rock will close. He has given $1,000 to President Bush, $1,000 to Marvin Parks (U.S. House cndidate in Arkansas), $2,300 to Mike Huckabee's Presidential campaign, and $2,300 to John McCain's Presidential run.

(4) Thomas Ganley
Mr. Ganley has 3 dealership that will close in Lakewood, Ohio. He has given $1,250 to Sen. Voinovich, $200 to Sen. Dewine, $7,750 to the National Auto Dealers Association, and $250 to Steven Latourette.

(5) Ray Huffines
Mr. Huffines will have a dealership in Denton, TX lose. He and his family are huge donors to the GOP. He has gave at least $1,000 each to Sen. Brownback ... and on and on ...
Zyklon B anyone?
Chris Blake


Anonymous said...

This should come as no surprise - this clown is the most partisan presidink we have ever had. He preaches get along and he just keeps plodding along - the party line is all that matters to him. He will NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT.


Vilmar said...
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Vilmar said...

Thanks, Rodger! A commenter at my blog asked the same question.

Now.....if only we can get the bog guns at Limbaugh, Beck and Hannity to follow through on this.....

Anonymous said...

Limbaugh was talking about this Tuesday. He couldn't offer a reason why some dealer closed, he just said it didn't make sense, there was no apparent visible method for deciding who closed.

You think Obama is pissed he was not the new American Idol?

Anonymous said...

Are they perhaps riding in the "Studebaker Dictator"?


Bill said...

I'm having a hard time believing this, even of Obama.


Anonymous said...

You can add-on the non-union shops as well.
oy vey ole'

Rodger the Real King of France said...

"I'm having a hard time believing this, even of Obama"

What? Do you think he fabricated the campaign contribution data? Easy enough to check, that.

Anonymous said...

Maroone is HUGE. Easily the most visible dealer in S. Florida. Dan Marino has been his spokesperson for years.

Kristopher said...

Rodge: I can understand his disbelief. Most people have never dealt with Chicago grade corruption in their entire lives.

JohnO said...

Not to conspiracy burst, but Zimmer Chrysler in Burlington KY was making a nice profit and they were told to shut down. The only donation shown was to a Democrat. As the theory goes, don't attribute to malevolence what may be sheer stupidity.

Scottiebill said...

To add to your list: Timberline Dodge Chrysler Jeep in Portland, Oregon is being closed by Obama. They are the only Chrysler dealer in Portland, and have been in business owned by the same family for 82 years. They also advertise daily on KXL in Portland, which is the home station of Lars Larson, a prominent local conservative talk show host, and who also has a national radio show through Compass Media and formerly with Westwood One.

I have no idea about Timberline's owners' contribution to the GOP, but it is probably likely that they are.

Anonymous said...

I have personally dropped-off goodies for the troops when Timberline Dodge was collecting them, which probably makes them conservative. And they didn't even try to sell me a car.

cmblake6 said...

Heck, I'm one of the people that sent you that. I would suppose you got swarmed with copies of that same post.

Kristopher said...

JohnO: Check who they donated to. All of the dems shut down had been PUMAs that failed to donate to Obama.

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