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When the SHTFan
A vaccination, of sorts

"I thought I might post this info for your reading enjoyment. It is a series of articles and Q/A sessions from a poster named "FerFal".

"He was a student in Argentina during their economic collapse. He has some very good insights into what life is like during a catastrophe. Particularly an economic catastrophe.

"It's a long read, but VERY worth it in my opinion.

"I will post the first segment, and if there is interest then I will post the others. There are 7 parts in total.

"All credit goes to FerFal and the other posters who comprise this series."
Awhile back I wondered how post USA would handle a 1930's style economic collapse?  We were then a nation influenced by the Judeo-Christian ethic.  School children said the Pledge of Allegiance, recited The Lord's Prayer, and read a Bible passage before classes began.  Public school children. A subliminal message, to we with no such home experience, that society observed a natural law. We were law abiding.
This may very well be the answer;  a terrific read in any event.   Thanks to Linda SoG for the tip.
There are no “bandit’s law” anymore. One used to hear people talk about “You shouldn’t resist a robbery, give them what they want and they’ll go away”. That holds true no more. These guys are under the influence of drugs, epoxy glue, or just hate your guts so much, because you have a better life than they ever dreamed of, because they were abused since the day they were born, that they will hurt and humiliate you as much as they can. Letting a criminal inside you house almost guaranties you that he will rape/beat/ torture and abuse whoever they find inside.

I personally drew a line a few years ago and decided, after one long, serious conversation with my wife; that no one would be allowed inside the house, no matter what. We figured that there are worse things than death. Having decided that, I make sure I always have a weapon on me. They’ll have to pay dearly for my life, plus interests.

By far, the most dangerous moment of the day, is when I (or my wife) leave/enter my house. A solid, secure house cannot be broken in easily, so criminals wait until you are standing in front of the door with the keys on your hand to jump you. This is why we are extra alert when approaching our house, looking all around us and if we see anything strange, we keep walking around the block or keep on driving. No door is ever opened when there is a strange person around. Whenever someone knocks on our door (and we don’t know him/her), they are answered from a second story window. Criminals sometimes disguise as electric company guys or something like that, saying that they have to fix something. NO! If there is something to be fixed they can fix it on the sidewalk. Anything inside your house is your responsibility and the company is not going to fix it for you. Either way, it’s always better to play it safe, Better to be rude than dead.

On the car/driving issue, that calls for an entire post dedicated to SHTF driving. For now I’ll just say that windows and doors have to be closed at all times, a weapon must be within arms reach, and that stop signs and traffic lights have a whole new meaning once TSHTF. If your country ever falls as mine did, you’ll remember me whenever you see a traffic light. You never stop at a red lights or stop sign unless there is traffic, especially at night. [read]


Anonymous said...

First--you must find something to help you sleep at night.

Second--I've read this guy before and discussed it with Sweetie. We are too old and infirm to survive for long. The main problems will be medicine for chronic disease and protecting any supplies 24 hours a day from marauders. There are many other problems we can't figure the solution for.

However, for short term, maybe we could handle it.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Do you have a gun? Do you have a neighbor who, uh - "helped cause this mess?"

Remember, getting even is the best medicine.

Anonymous said...

I've read through the FerFal post and comments a couple of times. I would have to say it is a must read.

The layer of civilization over humanity is very thin.

Anyway, there is a lot of good info in his postings and especially in the comments


Wabano said...

FerFal is one of those "Cabezita Nera", militant Peronist, an out and out leftard that finally got what he worked so hard for...

Extremely satisfying read when you know what brought all this about.

Anonymous said...

My post on thisRog: visit more often. I've mostly stopped whining about my wretched state.
Annoyed White Male

Anonymous said...

I thought this was an interesting similar article.

Certainly alot to think about.


Anonymous said...

Well dang, I never saw that before. Very interesting.


Anonymous said...

Rodg, Please Post more!


Anonymous said...

It's time to implement your escape plan. If you don't have one, you'd better damned well GET one.

Late October or early Nov 2009 is when the SHTF in America (and perhaps globally). Too many big economic factors to ignore will come together, and intense economic turbulence often leads to wars Let me just say that if you're not out of harm's way by then, you're in for a long, rough experience.

Anonymous said...

That was fabulous Rog-if you don't post the others, post the link willya?

I have most of what he recommends-never thought of cash, pretty stupid huh?-I'm thinking of getting a very large propane tank buried and maybe a large water tank too, maybe a 1,000 gallons-I had a 2,500 tank on my property in the mountains, spring fed-always liked that

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