Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wet Knickers


Anonymous said...

I guess being a gun hugging, God fearing, simpleton does have its drawbacks. What does the picture mean? Rollover didn't work.


JMcD said...

♪ ♫ Everwy weetle bweeze seems to wheesper Louise ♪ ♫♪♪ ♫

Anonymous said...

It's a trap for my neighbor !!!!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I looked and thought, "White panties girl needs to change her knickers more often, " unless that was one day's laundry, in which case I'd think "What's pink panties doing to soil so many knickers?"

The simple answer is pink knicker's husband is a cross-dresser.

JMcD said...

White panties = Proficient,do-laundry-now Republican type of girl........Pink panties= Lazy, procrastinating Democrat guy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you got Phase I covered.
What's Phase II?
We all know Phase III is Profit.
(Turing word: bidete *snick*)

Guy S said...

Or "white panties" does the "wear em 4 times" trick.(day one- wear "correctly", day two- wear "turned around", day three/four- turn inside out and repeat steps one and two.)


This is only one days worth of washing and "pink panty girl" is quite the "naughty one", or has serious bladder control issues, (or both).

Guy "I don't even play a Ob/Gyn on TV, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express" S.

Anonymous said...

More proof of global warming.

gunnypink said...

Ackshually, it looks like two curmudgeons advertising their most recent purchase from one of those racy .com domains.

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