Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stuff - some of it stupid

In passing

Iran's Grand Ayatollah Says Election Was Fixed
"It would be disrespecting your religion to follow orders from the police comverning this election.

Western states want reins on federal power
... equates Obama with Hitler, Mao and Stalin, saying each loved his country in his fashion but proved disastrous as a leader. "He's ruining the country I love," Boniek said of Obama, his soft tone belying the harsh comparison. "He doesn't know what freedom is."

Food is the new fur for the celebrity with a conscience
Actors, designers, pop stars have all got behind the hot new ethical campaign: food. From saving species to investigating conditions for pigs, star quality is pushing it to the foreground

After DUI Arrest, Democrat Councilwoman Reminds Police Of Her Power Over Their Salaries
 "I am a member of the Glastonbury Town Council and I approve your salaries," Wagner says. "And think you're being really rude."

DETROIT – City Council member, Democrat Monica Conyers, snarled in bribesprobe
A person told The Associated Press that Conyers is the "Council Member A" listed in a court document as receiving more than $6,000 for her fall 2007 vote on a multimillion-dollar sludge contract. She is the wife of Democrat Rep. John Conyers.

Government Wants The Name Of Anti-IRS Newspaper Commenters
This past week the newspaper was served with a grand jury subpoena from the U.S. attorney's office demanding that we turn over all records pertaining to those postings, including "full name, date of birth, physical address, gender, ZIP code, password prompts, security questions, telephone numbers and other identifiers ... the IP address," et (kitchen sink) cetera.

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