Monday, September 21, 2009

Google News Control

 I just found Google's fast flip which, somewhat like the Firefox add-on Coolpreviews, lets you view news articles, but in slide show fashion.  Choosing "Politics," I learned from Robert Gates, via the New York Times, that Obama did Poland, Czechoslovakia and Europe a big favor by welshing on missile defense.  Moving forward, it struck me that all of the news worth reading, according to fast flip, comes from the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, and Salon.  But wait .. you can add more sources from these selections, including the Daily Beast?!?
  Sign in to select which sources appear on the frontpage.
BBC News     FRONTLINE     Newsweek     TechCrunch Billboard     Fast Company     Popular Mechanics     Technology Review Business Week     Foreign Policy     ProPublica     Teen Center for Investigative Reporting     Good Housekeeping     Quick & Simple     The Atlantic Center for Public Integrity     Harper's Bazaar     Redbook     The Daily Beast Christian Science Monitor     House Beautiful & SPIN; The Daily Green CosmoGirl; Marie Claire; Salon     Us Magazine Cosmopolitan     Men's Journal     Seventeen     Veranda ELLE     National Review Online     Slate     Washington Post Esquire     New York Times     Smithsonian
The casual user will not know about these choices, but still, by including the National Review and frontpage as electives, Google staffers are satisfied to have covered the gamut from political moderates to right wing fanatics. Thanks Google.  For those of you still  underwhelmed, you can get the same service from Free Republic,  which covers every publication on Planet Earth.

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B....... said...

Thanks for the link Rodge. With gems like this: "replace the "MSM" referece with "PLM" i.e. Partisan Liberal Media" - I bookmarked it......

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