Saturday, September 12, 2009

Two Million Guns


 Why Obama wants that private army I reckon.


SondraK said...

Isn't it swell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For like the 4899287867564534.569th time, I'm proud of my country!

Anonymous said...

The same folks that inflate numbers for the dims (million man march) will deny or downplay the count. I cant waite so I can laugh.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that Captain Zer0 isn't there to see them.

Anonymous said...

A shame they don't all have pitchforks and torches.

"Sire, the peasants are revolting!"

"Yes, aren't they."

Anonymous said...

2 million huh? That's more than the estimate for the Messiah's crowning on Jan 20th 2009.

Anonymous said...

Breitbart has footage of CNN reporter
asking the crowd about Joe Wilson.
This gal seems to understand what is what. While the smarmy reporterette in the studio is clueless.

MitchM said...

Notice how Barry managed to be out of town until he was sure it was safe to come back? Coward.

Rodger the Real King of France said...


LindaSoG said...

The Miami Herald is reporting that "thousands" attended. No wonder the mainstream is going broke. Please are getting tired of being lied to.

LindaSoG said...

er... people are getting tired of being lied to.

Anonymous said...

If CNN and ABC said two mil, that means it was four.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

NY TIMES says crowd "well into the tens of thousands."

Mile66 said...

It was a great experience! Every corner we turned increased our awe exponentially, as we found way more people than we expected. When my group reached Freedom plaza at 9:30, it was already overflowing. The march to the Capitol was amazing, people joined from all directions.
The lawn area in front of the Capitol was already full, we had to camp some 150 yards from the stage, 1 hour before the start of the event. Great people, great experience. Even the weather was great! It has started. May God help us. III.

CDR J said...

When we got ON the metro at 9:00 AM Franconia-Springfield (south end of the Metro), the line to buy the tickets was huge. Many of the people were carrying signs. The train was jammed. Almost everybody got off the metro at Federal Triangle, the stop closest to Freedom Park. By the time we got to Pennsylvania Avenue around 10:00 AM, people were already marching towards the Capitol, even though it wasn't supposed to start until 11:30. We ended up sitting by the pool - couldn't really hear the speakers well, but we had fun talking to people, and looking at all the signs.
It was a lot of fun - only the second political rally I've gone to in my life (the first was the Gathering of Eagles in 2007). If Congress doesn't watch out, there will be a massive turnout in 2010 - and the tax-and-spend crowd could be in BIG trouble.

Wild Thing said...

I can't stop smiling, my heart is
smiling and ready to burst with pride. History was made yesterday!!

And the left can spin it like they will and it won't change anything. heh heh this is so awesome.

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